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Paint decanting idea

Posted by Martin on January 21, 2009

I mostly use Vallejo paints but I’ve got a few Foundry colours that I like. Trouble is that it’s a pain dolloping the paint out from the Foundry pots with a cocktail stick or something and quite a bit of paint gets wasted that way. Today I saw a photograph of some minis with a row of Vallejo dropper bottles behind them. Nothing strange in that except that it was obvious from the picture that the painter in question had decanted some Foundry paints into Vallejo dropper bottles.

This is potentially a very neat idea indeed. All I need is some clean empty Vallejo dropper bottles and either a funnel or a steady hand. Now you can buy clean unused Vallejo dropper bottles online from places like for about 29 pence each but it would be so much better to clean out and reuse finished ones. Of course, as luck would have it, I don’t have any bottles that are close to being finished just now. But I bet some of you have! Does anybody fancy donating a couple to me? Go on, you know you want to. You’d only throw them out and I might be able to recycle them and we could all feel an inner glow of green-ness.

I only need a couple for now – just to experiment and see if the idea is as good as it seems.


2 Responses to “Paint decanting idea”

  1. Phil said


    This seems so backwards. One of my main gripes about the vallejo paints is those bottles. They get clogged up so easily and then once you get them opened again, you’ll get a big glob of paint squirting out that’s never going back in.

    On the foundry bottles, I just scoop the excess paint out of the lid and thin in the lid. Seems so simple with so little waste.

  2. Harry the Elder said

    What Phil said…

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