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Calpe’s opening salvo for 2009

Posted by Martin on January 18, 2009

This morning I’ve updated the Calpe website with a Latest News announcement from Peter F. Obviously, it makes sense for you to pop over there are read it in full for yourselves.

For me, it’s a great relief to finally be able to make this update to the Calpe site because it explains many of the trials and tribulations Peter faced during 2008 (and believe me, there were some dark days when Peter was very demoralised indeed). It also means that I can now discuss openly several things I’ve known were in the pipeline.

So here are my highlights:

  • Prussian commanders set PC9 is now released. It comprises the four mounted figures I showed photos of back in November. And I can reveal that they represent Bulow, Yorke, Tautenzien, and Kliest.
  • The first set of Saxons (march-attack musketeers) is scheduled for release in early February. We’ll post details and photographs before the end of this month.
  • The second set of Saxons will be advancing musketeers but, due to the number of variants, it’ll be a while before they are available.
  • In a break with current practice, the Saxon figures will not be sold individually but in packs of three. The reasons behind this are purely practical ones for Peter, not to mention the number of variations in the Saxons. He has limited storage space for new moulds and cast figures and it’s more efficient to group sets of figures together to save casting time. For example, in the Prusssian range, it’s possible for an order to call for figures from several different moulds leading to a time consuming process to cast up those figures and also to a surplus of the other figures from the same moulds that weren’t needed for that order. Plus, over-use of particular moulds eventually damages them. So Peter has planned this switch to packs for a long time in order to lessen these problems and has always viewed the release of the Saxons as the right moment to introduce it. We’ve had many discussions about how many figures there should be in each pack and how they should be divided up so I can assure you that this decision has been given very careful consideration.
  • Peter has plans to make information about the Saxons available as booklets that will be available at prices that enable him to cover printing costs.

So here we go with what promises to be a much better year at Calpe Towers!


6 Responses to “Calpe’s opening salvo for 2009”

  1. Glen said

    Well this is a blazing start to 2009! We have the two new books from the good Dr S and now great news from Peter F on the forthcoming Saxons and more Prussians. If the year continues like this it will be great, okay great for my lead pile and book collection not so great for my wallet!


  2. All good news. Here’s looking forward to a much improved year.

    And it looks like Peter F. is going to wait until I’m in the UK before releasing the Saxons. What a guy! Will there be a big Saxon release party and how does one go about getting tickets?! 8O)

    von Peter himself

  3. Phil said

    This all sounds imminently reasonable! Pass along to Peter F, please, best wishes for a prosperous 2009.

  4. Simon Boulton said

    Good news about the Saxons. Have just put in an order for a few more Prussians before the understandable price rise. Hope 2009 is a better year for Peter and Calpe figures. Is looking like it will be a very interesting year for those of us into 28mm Napoleonics.

  5. Robin Piercy said

    Pleased to hear things are back on track at Calpe. Looking forward to expanding my single Prussian Brigade to 3 brigades, and some cavalry too this year.
    Really pleased to see so much interest in Prussians as they have been so neglected for many years as an army to use in wargaming. When I see people’s painting standards these days It can only inspire wargamers to add some to their collection. I know it has at our club at least 3 have Prussian figure collections now. Keep up the good work. Best wishes.

  6. Hussarbob said

    Painting competitions eh? Colours or Steve Dean forum…..bring it on! Happy New Year to you.

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