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New Prussian books

Posted by Martin on January 10, 2009

New book by Stephen Summerfield

New book by Stephen Summerfield

Just a quick heads up to let you know that Dr. Stephen Summerfield’s two new books on the Prussian army have been published by Partizan Press. Firstly there’s Prussian Regular & Guard Infantry 1808-1840 Vol 1: Line & Guard 1808-1814, which is a 210-page hardback with over 140 colour illustrations of flags and uniforms. Secondly, there’s Prussian Regular & Guard Infantry 1808-1840 Vol 2: Jäger, Reserve, Freikorps & New Regiments 1813-1840, also weighing it at 210-pages in hardback.

Both books are priced at £29.50 from Caliver Books. I know that Stephen has been working on this pair for many years on and off and has had assistance along the way from several experts in the field including Peter F., Peter Hofschroer and Oliver Schmidt. So, while I haven’t yet seen them myself, I feel pretty confident that these have every chance of proving to be the definitive English-language works on the subject.

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  1. I’ve been looking forward to these books for a while now. I believe they have been in the making for quite some time, though I was expecting a single volume. I guess the page count kept increasing as the information piled up. Not that I’m complaining! 8O)

    I doubt that Dr. Stephen Summerfield will retire a rich man based on the proceeds of his efforts on these book and his other published works. Or that the hours spent on this enterprise will return a good hourly rate. I believe that we owe such gentlemen a debt of gratitude for making such information readily available to the masses. I’m strongly suspecting it is a labour of love.

    They are definitely to be added to my library.

    von Peter himself

  2. Dr Stephen Summerfield said

    Dear von Peter
    Thank you for your kind works. I started writing upon the Prussians back in the early 1990s and this was published by the Napoleon Association back then. It was back in 2000 that Partizan Press had drafts of 4 books on the Prussians. In January 2008, I was asked to produce a book on Prussian Infantry from two volumes submitted. This was ony split late in the day dur to the number of illustrations. A book over 400 pages is not commercial. Both have been made stand alone.

    Clarification of the title

    Stephen Summerfield (2009) Prussian Infantry 1808-40: Volume 1 Line and Guard 1808-14
    Stephen Summerfield (2009) Prussian Infantry 1808-40: Volume 2 Jäger, Reserve, Freikorps & New Regiments 1813-1840

    This has been corrected by the publisher. The book should be available by mid February. I approved the final draft at Christmas for both books. I am sorry it is a slow process.

    The two books in hard back grew from this as I tried to understand the growth of the Prussian Army and Organisation. This I hope I have acheived in these books. The operation of the Prussian Brigade is analygous to the Roman Maniple system with the replacement of lines and superior command & control. It is only through looking at the 1812 Regulations and battles that this becomes clear.

    The reason for the two books (both about 200 pages) was the number of colour illustrations that I have been able to use with kind permission of Peter of Calpe Minatures (the Bauer Plates), Markus Stein and others. The comments from a number of well respected historians.

    It is not a light read especially when looking at the Prussian finances or lack of them but this gives a rounded historical context. I am a academic scientist by profession so it is fact orientated and opinion has for the most part been eliminated. Comments, suggestions and corrections are always welcome. Drafts on Prussian Cavalry, Artillery and Landwehr are sitting there for Partizan to tell me they want those.

    If you want to show some example pages then please contact me before publication.


  3. Martin said

    Good to hear from you again Stephen. I would very much like to be able to show some example pages here. I’ll e-mail you to discuss.

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