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Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

Kitbag: it’s a start

Posted by Martin on December 9, 2008

You might notice a new Kitbag link in the tabs at the top of BfK. This is the start of a page to provide details of the paint and equipment I use. I’ve been considering sharing this sort of information for quite a while but been too lazy to get the job done. A recent thread on the General de Brigade forums about what paints to use for Prussian blue reminded me that these sorts of questions come up over and over again. So I thought it would be more efficient to tackle answers to the recurring questions in one place where it can be referenced easily.

As yet, this page is far from complete. Not least because there are several things I’d still like to add to it as well as a few photos to liven up the text. But also because I suspect BfK readers will have their own ideas for what should be included. You know who you are, usual suspects; and you know how to post your comments.

12 Responses to “Kitbag: it’s a start”

  1. Ken said

    Like the idea, will save trawlling for the info.

    Been a while since a Calpe update, any progress?



  2. Phil said

    It’s been over a year since the last Calpe release….

  3. Martin said

    I know Phil. 2008 has been an “annus horriblis” at Calpe Towers. Still, the news for 2009 is much more positive now. The first new vulcanizer has gone back to its manufacturers because it was no good and a second, much better, new one from Italy has replaced it.

    You’ve no idea what beasties these pieces of equipment are to deliver, assemble and get working. And if you’ve then got to try to get a dud one working, give it up as a bad job, get rid of it and start all over again with another one specially shipped from abroad – well, you can imagine the pain.

    Peter F. is now cracking on with the mould making for the first Saxon release and his morale is restored. I predict good news in January.

  4. In the end this is excellent news. The bung vulcanizer must have been a real nightmare at the time. I guess we should be thankful that Peter F. has persevered through all of his trials. A double 6 must have finally been thrown at Calpe Towers. Hurrah!

    von Peter himself

  5. Robert said

    That sounds encouraging-I hope everything works out well for Peter and Calpe- I’d love to relieve him of some Saxon infantry once they’re mustered for parade.

  6. Martin said

    @Von peter Himself: yes – a double six at last. I like that. It’s certainly been a year of snake-eyes until now. how are your plans to come to the Northern hemisphere progressing?

  7. von Peter himself said

    Hi Martin

    We are on track to touchdown in the UK on the 30 January 2009, followed by the express to Bristol on the 31 January. Eight boxes of our ‘stuff’ are already on their way. Be very afraid! 8O)

    There will then ensue a period of frantic activity as we try and shake ourselves into some form of shape. Trying to get Simon into a school remotely from NZ turned out to be impossible as we don’t have a residential address so zoned schools weren’t really interested. We are going to have to resolve a sort of simultaneous equation of getting a place where we need to, but not knowing where we need to because of what school we may be able to get into … if that at all makes sense. Oh, and it would be good if Natalie could get some sort of job as well. Not surprisingly she has a slightly different take on this.

    The timing is pretty crap with the world economy being what it is but our timing has been controlled by other events so we will just make the best of the situation as we can. If it ends up just being a glorified holiday of a couple of months then so be it. It is our great family adventure. We console ourselves that it wouldn’t be much of an adventure if there were no risks involved! 8O)

    Looks like my Saxons may need to be sent to a UK address. Or perhaps they are better collected in person!

    But the big question is … How did that cunning Mr Robert Swan get a image of one of his figures(?) to replace the cartoon blobby thing that he presumably had?

    von Peter himself

  8. Martin said

    Given your schedule and what I know about progress on the Saxons, you’d be best getting them shipped to a UK address or arranging a trip to Calpe Towers. You might be able to hitch a ride on my next visit depending on how timings work out.

    As for Robert’s image – well, you need to read up about gravatars! Go ahead and set up one associated with your e-mail address and we’ll start seeing it here.

    I like your Kiwi optimism in calling it an “express” to Bristol 🙂

  9. Robert said

    Cunning indeed, Peter! Avatars of French officers (a Front Rank conversion, FYI) are restricted at present to those who are Pure of Heart.

    Or at least to those who have a WordPress account!

  10. Hi Martin

    I’ve had a twiddle with the gravatars. I’m using a different email address though as I suspect that we don’t really need a hobby related image associated with our family email address! We’ll see what happens when I post this.

    Hitching a ride with you to Calpe Towers sounds grand … at least for me. 8O) At some stage I really REALLY need to make a pilgrimage in that direction.

    Howdies Robert

    We will soon see whether the “pure of heart” thing holds any water. I am shocked to see that you have chosen a Frenchman to represent you when you have so many good Russians at your disposal! Then again I have chosen a humble Landwehr cavalryman to represent me for now … and he’s lost his shako!!! 8O)) Of course, we don’t yet know if you will see my new image.

    von Peter himself

  11. Robert said

    Peter, looks like you are as pure as the driven snow! Nice photo.

    I should indeed have posted one of a Russian, but I like to think that I can play both ends of the field, so to speak. That and I don’t have many good pictures of my Russians yet.

    And none of them look as exuberant as this fellow did!

  12. Monsieur Robert

    Yes it, the gravatar, worked. This is good. On the downside I’m now beginning to seriously doubt the purity of anything that’s as pure as the driven snow. Perhaps the huskies got to my particular bit of snow!! 8O)

    I likewise will happily play either end, but if pushed will be found casually sidling over to the allied camp! I’m looking forward to padding out my French (currently just Bavarians, and only 2 mounted command figures painted!!) with the Saxons … though the UK thing is going to complicate things time wise for me. I also harbour secret hopes that Peter F. will come back to the French themselves.

    von Peter himself

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