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Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

A glimpse at how the other half sculpt

Posted by Martin on November 12, 2008

Most of us wargaming figure painters inhabit a world dominated by 28mm scale (or smaller figures) intended for tabletop deployment rather than showcase exhibition. But I also maintain an interest in the arguably more serious twin world of larger scale figure modelling and painting (typically 54mm figures and larger). This arena is home to many truly stunning artists with both paint and putty. Working, as they do for the most part, in larger scales and to more exacting standards leads to a range of materials, tools and techniques you’re unlikely to see in evidence at a typical wargaming club or show. Nevertheless, the work of these masters is often a place I seek inspiration and I heartily recommend some lurking on the planetFigure forums.

Every once in a while, one of these distant figures dips a reciprocal toe into our world. In this case, it’s the brilliant Sicilian sculptor Maurizio Bruno. Maurizio usually works in large scales and is famed for his historical figures – many mounted and many Napoleonic. He’s recently started his own blog and the first posting discusses his sculpt of a 28mm horse. Over the years I’ve heard various rave (and not so rave) reviews of some 28mm scale wargames sculptors’ abilities to realistically capture the anatomy of horses but I don’t think any of them come remotely close to what Maurizio’s done. Click on the thumbnail image of six photos of the scuplt against a red background about halfway down the posting and marvel at the level of craftsmanship and detail. Now that’s the kind of horse I’d like a crack at painting!

In fact, I think it’s so good, I’m going to mention it to Peter F. because he sometimes uses other people to sculpt some things like horses and artillery equipment for him.


One Response to “A glimpse at how the other half sculpt”

  1. Harry B Houchins said


    Check out this site as well…

    Have you shipped me a horse yet? Still deciding if decals are legal?


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