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Under the sign of the Black Swan

Posted by Martin on October 21, 2008

Poles and Austrians clash at Leipzig game

Poles and Austrians clash at Leipzig game

AKA The Black Swan Hotel is where the stalwarts of the Devizes and District Wargames Group met for one of their occasional two-day games this past weekend. On this occasion, it was a massive attempt at the Leipzig scenario from one of the General de Brigade scenario books.

Now, I’m not a member of the club (frankly, I’m not very good at being a member of any club) but I do sort-of know one of two of the members, notably Glen who sometimes graces BfK with a comment, so I invited myself along for an hour or two on the Sunday to observe the action and have a chat with the players and umpires.

What I saw was really enjoyable and heartening: a friendly group playing a 28mm Napoleonic “big battalions” game on an epic scale. Best of all, several articulate young people (i.e. not 40-something dads like me) clearly having a great time. Check out Glen’s game report on the General de Brigade forum for a flavour of the event and more pictures.

My thanks to all present for their hospitality. I’ve now got an open invitation to come along to the next one and maybe even take up a divisional command. And, you know what, I’m actually rather tempted.

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