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Postie delivers the booty

Posted by Martin on October 16, 2008

Napoleon's Scouts of the Imperial Guard

Napoleon's Scouts of the Imperial Guard

My winnings from the recent Osprey blog Napoleonic competition arrived on the doormat the other day. Deciding on the five books I’d like and actually getting them was a slightly “interesting” experience. The stipulation from Osprey was that I could choose any five books from their Napoleonic range that were in stock on their Web site. Sadly, my first nine (yes, nine) choices were all out of stock.

So, not one to get easily disheartened, I e-mailed Mike at Osprey with a list of the nine titles in question, explained the problem and asked if there was anything that could be done. Mike came up trumps after a trawl around the offices and the various other dusty hidey-holes that all publishers have (I know, I work for one too) he was able to dig up five from my list. Namely these:

  1. Napoleon’s Cuirassiers and Carabiniers (Men-at-arms)
  2. Napoleon’s Red Lancers (Men-at-arms)
  3. Napoleon’s Scouts of the Imperial Guard (Men-at-arms)
  4. Prussian Line Infantry: Vol 2 (Men-at-arms)
  5. Prussian Light Infantry, 1792-1815 (Men-at-arms)

And by way of an apology for the incovenience, Mike threw in an extra: Jena, 1806: Napoleon Destroys Prussia (Osprey Military Campaign)

So I’ve got a nice big pile of bedside reading to keep me going now.


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