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Eight victories, five books

Posted by Martin on October 4, 2008

A few weeks ago, the Osprey Publishing blog announced a competition to win five Napoleonic books from their range. The question posed was to name the eight victories listed around Napoleon’s tomb.

Now, I’ve visited the tomb at Les Invalides but I couldn’t recall the eight victories so I had to use all my research skills to solve the puzzle. None of the books in my Napoleonic library provided the answer and Googling the Web was surprisingly ineffective too. That’s when I hit on the idea of searching the Flickr photo sharing site. Surely plenty of people like me must have visited the Emperor’s tomb and taken photos. Sure enough, with some diligent piecing together of different views of the tomb I was able to assemble a list of the eight victories and post my entry in the competition.

At the time I assumed that many others would also have been as resourceful as me so I didn’t hold out too much hope of victory. However, my Friday was brightened by an e-mail from Osprey informing me that I had indeed won the competition. On checking the Osprey blog today, I see a post that confirms this good news.

Needless to say I’m delighted and my thanks go to Osprey for running the competition. Now I have the challenging but enjoyable task of choosing the five books that will comprise my prize. Hurrah!

Anybody got any recommendations?


5 Responses to “Eight victories, five books”

  1. Paul Hollands said

    Good for you Martin!

  2. Alan said

    Well done! What were the victories? I’ve been there too and can’t remember them either.

  3. Martin said

    The victories were: Jena, Austerlitz, Moscow(a), Pyramid(e)s, Marengo, Friedland, Wagram and Rivoli.

  4. Smart work Martin. Chosen the books yet?

    von Peter himself

  5. Phil said

    Congrats Martin. What’s the latest from Calpe?

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