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What’s happening with Miniature Wargames magazine?

Posted by Martin on October 3, 2008

During my lunchtime constitutional walk I happened to darken the threshold of the local W H Smith and, picking up a copy of October issue of Miniature Wargames magazine, I was assailed by the photo of a new person at the editorial helm. How long ago did that happen? It’s not a magazine that I regularly read or even buy so it could have happened ages ago but, having examined the evidence in more detail, I realized that this is a recent event.

One of the reason I don’t tend to pay much attention to Miniature Wargames is that I’m not a particular fan of it. And, judging by the slight size of the October issue, I suspect I’m far from alone in that opinion. I further suspect that this is (at least partly) the reason for the editorial change. This, in my mind, is a magazine that seems to have fallen behind the times so it was a surprise to me to see a Web site address printed below the editorial. And I knew that this was the place I’d have to check out to discover more about what’s going on.

Sure enough, the home page currently bears a screaming yellow “Under New Management” box with a link to a press release that provides the basic details of a change of ownership. Iain Dickie and his wife have sold up to a new chap called Andrew Hubback though Iain will continue to be involved as a consultant editor. My suspicion is that this is a critical juncture in the life of this venerable magazine. It’s approaching its 25th anniversary and probably needs an injection of something be it finance, enthusiasm or new ideas.

Iain and his wife have clearly devoted many years of their working lives to the magazine and we should celebrate and praise that effort. I think we should also recognise just how much that level of effort can take out of people. So I wish them all the best for whatever their future plans are and I also wish the new owner, Andrew, the best of luck too. I think he’s going to need it plus a lot of other things to ensure a successful future for Miniature Wargames. There’s fierce competition out there – not just on the newsstands but also online from the various Web sites that offer downloadable digital magazines. I hope Miniature Wargames can carve out a distinctive and interesting niche in this new age.

I’ll be watching how things develop over the coming months with a great deal of interest.

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