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Lie de vin

Posted by Martin on October 1, 2008

Candidate paints for lie de vin facing colour

Candidate paints for lie de vin facing colour

Lie de vin is one of those evocative French phrases used to describe a colour (along with others like aurore and cappuchin). It’s meant to be a reddish-purplish colour often translated as a wine dregs. My interest is that it’s the facing colour for the French 13th cuirassiers and I’m planning to paint some sample Perry figures in the livery of this unit. The challenge, of course, is finding some suitable paints for it.

The Vallejo range offers quite a few colours in roughly the right territory – VMC985 hull red, VMC926 red, VMC817 scarlet, VMC945 magenta and VMC958 pink but none of them quite seem right. Some are too brown, some are too red and some are too pink – if you see what I mean? None of them seem, well, winey enough. So I ordered the wine stain red triple from the Foundry range and they arrived today (along with some other colours to make the order worthwhile). In passing, I’m very pleased with the efficiency of the online ordering and dispatch from Foundry though the P&P costs seem a bit steep.

Anyway, the accompanying photo shows all the paints discussed here and hopefully gives you an idea of the subtleties of the various shades. At least, that’s how they look in the bottle. The next step is to try out the Foundry shades for real over some black undercoating.


2 Responses to “Lie de vin”

  1. Frank Catinella said

    I agree that Foundry’s pricing is extreme. This is a great pity as their range covers most eventualities. I also note that they are not available at the shows. That is the ones I have visited this year…Salute, Colours & to the Redoubt.
    I can get vallejo from a shop in Croydon so this helps, although somewhat bizarrly, Games Workshop have discontinued their midnight blue leaving the only really accessible paint range (in the UK) without a dark blue.

  2. Robert said

    I have always found the following site useful for referencing the more “obsure” colour descriptions- it was a great help for me when trying to work out the descriptions of French infantry flags of the Ancien Regime.

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