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Just trying out some new technology

Posted by Martin on September 15, 2008

Bear with me here, I’m just experimenting with a couple of new things: sticky posts and voting polls.

The idea behind sticky posts (or “stickies”) is that they are posts that stay at the top of the pile even if there are other posts that are newer than them. My blogging provider, WordPress, has just added this feature and I think it might be really useful when I’ve got something I want to keep on the home page for a while.

I’ve also discovered that there are a number of free online voting poll tools. The one I’m experimenting with is called PollDaddy. There’s a free version that lets you design voting poll questions and specify the available set of answers. It offers quite a few technical options that I’m not going to bore you with here. But one particularly useful feature is that it integrates well with WordPress and another is that you can customize the styling – either via the PollDaddy admin interface or by uploading your own custom CSS.

So what do you reckon? Would it be fun to have some polls on BFK occassionally?

2 Responses to “Just trying out some new technology”

  1. Howdies Martin, and welcome back.

    I’ve cast a vote (the first ever according to the poll) on your first ever poll. But as is the way with these things I would like to add a little more detail to my vote … Polls can be fun, they can be interesting, but IMHO they are an ingredient best used sparingly.

    von Peter himself

  2. Martin said

    Now that this poll has been live for two weeks, it’s a good time to close it and share the results. 58% of voters would like more polls, 15% don’t want any and 27% don’t mind either way. So the electorate has spoken and I’ll probably do some more over time but the difficult bit will be thinking of them. Anybody got any good suggestions?

    Also, you’ll notice I’ve stopped this post from being a sticky now, so it reverts to it’s correct chronological position rather than being kept at the top of the pile.

    So, overall, a highly successful experiment. Thank you to everybody who took time to vote.

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