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Perry Napoleonic plastics

Posted by Martin on May 6, 2008

Stop press: the inevitable is about to happen. I don’t think I need to say much more than give you the link to the announcement.

Perry plastic 1813-15 French Napoleonic infantry

Boy, that’s going to change an awful lot of things…

14 Responses to “Perry Napoleonic plastics”

  1. Well spotted Martin. This may “throw the cat in with the pigeons”. I wonder how many Napoleonic French ranges are going to come under pressure with these plastics? You must interrogate Peter F. for his thoughts (but do it while he’s asleep so as not to distract him from his very important business!).

    I’m a little surprised by the choice of period for their next plastic foray, but that just goes to show how little I know! 8O) I would have picked something with more generic ‘uniforms’ where the same figure (or very close to) was worn by both sides, eg. ECW

    As an aside, I see that a little green blobby thing has become associated with me in the Latest Comments area. My question is: how did you know that I look like that? Your spies are obviously everywhere! 8O))

    von Peter himself

  2. Robert said

    For a start, it’s going to give me a lot larger French army than I had originally envisioned!

  3. Giles said

    This is very welcome news – Naps being affordable in 25mm again. Presumably a greatcoated set can’t be far behind?

  4. Robert said

    Green blobby thing? You’re lucky, von P. I’ve got what looks like the chicken ‘flu virus…

    And I see these s supplementing rather than hurting metal sales. After all, I cannot see Wurttembergers or Saxons coming out in plastic, and gamers being gamers there will always be a market for variety in French armies.

    It will mean a return (I hope) to bigger armies and more people getting into 28mm Napoleonics who otherwise couldn’t afford to get into it at all, which can ONLY be a good thing especially given that the price of metals is not about to start a downward trend any time soon.

  5. Martin said

    Aha – the green blooby things. They’re a new feature of the WordPress blogging tool. Instead of an anonymous grey silhouette for commenters who don’t have a recognized avatar, I’ve configured the system to generate a unique “monster” avatar for each of you.

    Hope you enjoy the fun! And any resemblence to your true appearance is, of course, entirely coincidental đŸ˜‰

  6. Giles said

    Plastics themselves will generate more money elsewhere in the hobby. Someone I know pointed out that the far lower weight of plastics makes shipping loads out to be painted by Fernando etc much more viable.

  7. Frank Catinella said

    I am not convinced. Whilst there will be a benefit in price, they will suffer from brittle bayonets etc and a lack of ‘weight’. I agree that a period where both sides wore similar dress would have been a good idea, however if it has to be Napoleonics then why not concentrate on obscure armies like the Italians, Joseph’s Spanish or the Confederation of the Rhine. This would serve to generate renewed interest.
    But not for me I am holding out for the Saxons

  8. Simon Boulton said

    I think this is great news. It will attract people who have fancied doing Napoleonics in 28mm but have been put off by the cost. As I understand it the thing with plastis is you have to be able to sell large volumes because of the increased tooling costs so an obscure army would not have worked. Some of the confederation armies also had uniforms very similiar to the Bardin French uniform so there could be some decent conversion potential. Interesting that the Fusiliers in the photo appear to have the round ball type pompom whereas the metal ones Perry already produce have a flat lentil shaped ones. A set of these in greatcoats would be very useful as you could use them for leger and young guard too. If you wanted to increase the weight of a base of figures you can always add a couple of metal figures, Best wishes, Simon

  9. Phil said

    they look nice!

    As I understand it they have to be cut out and assembled, or at least the Perry ACW versions do. Anyone done this yet? How much effort is involved? And do they still need filing for mold lines and flash or does that problem just go away with plastics?

  10. El Mercenario said

    ACW infantry needs a minimum assembly work, just the forage cap/slouch hats in most cases. Some figs need arms to be glued, but it’s quite easy. On the other hand, the ACW cavalry is more complex as it’s multicomponent: horses come in two pieces while cavalrymen need to be glued the weapon arm plus kepi/hat plus carbine if necessary. Not big deal anyway and I think it’s nice to build and perhaps customize your own figure.

    Whatever, now I know how wise Peter F. was when he chose to make Saxons instead Frech…or maybe he has a very competent Intelligence Service!

  11. meadowsboy said

    These look great and as the Perry’s already have a metal range you could have a mix of metal & plastic on each base! So you would still have the weight which is what I like about metal figures and miss with plastic!

  12. Peter Pumpkinhead said

    These look excellent i saw the Perrys ACW and Warlord games release of romans and celts but napoleonics has always been my thing.
    Give the quality of the perrys work i think my huge french army will grow even larger i just cant resist!

  13. Ken said

    Also check out for British, first releases infantry for Peninsular & Waterloo.

    Done by Steve Hales & Julian Blakeney-Edwards.

  14. Paul said


    I’m a newbie here, so here we go. I must admit to being disappointed with both my Perry’s and Warlord purchases, but plastics may well widen the hobby which is no bad thing. I suppose it’s the old rule “you get what you pay for”. I for one will be staying with metal, particularly Napoleonic skirmish, Sharp Practice are great rules.

    I’m also holding out for Calpe French rather than Perry.

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