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Saxon paintfest

Posted by Martin on April 27, 2008

Several of us received samples of the new Calpe Saxon musketeers when we met up with Peter F at Salute and the inevitable has happened. We’ve all been distracted from what ever was on the workbench to promote these new figures to the top of the pile. I’ve been sent a few pictures of the results.

The first three come from the workbench of the legendary Peter Royle:

Next, from Spain, here are some shots of the three painted by Javi (AKA El Mercenario). You may recognise his fine brushwork from the Perry Miniatures Web site or the pages of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy magazine. Javi tells me he was experimenting with different shades of white to achieve a variety of looks as part of an article he’s writing about painting figures in campaign dress:

What’s that unfinished one on the end? Well, it’s my WIP. In the time it’s taken Javi and Peter to completely paint all three sample figures, I’ve merely managed to do some white and some green on only one of mine. I thought it would be an instructive comparison to stand my figure side-by-side with Javi’s. It definitely shows that we have different styles; it also shows that Javi’s a much quicker painter than me (no surprise there – tortoises paint faster than me) and, thirdly, I really do need to get a better camera.


21 Responses to “Saxon paintfest”

  1. El Mercenario said

    Peter F. should be proud, his brilliant sculptures moved us all to paint the figures although all the other stuff I’m sure we all have on our painting desks! I’ve a great fun painting them as I’m sure you had or are having! Martin, your white looks great, can’t wait to see the figure finished!

  2. Alan said

    Well, that’s fired up the old enthusiasm and no mistake! I have always struggled to get the right effect when painting white uniforms, so it’s very helpful to see Javi’s figures. I hope to see the article sometime soon.

  3. Phil said

    Yeah, your white looks great Martin. I think when painting white the less shading you leave visible the better.

    Those are beautiful sculpts.

    That 5 oclock shadow on the leftmost of El Mercenario’s trio is something I’m going to have to try.

  4. Robert said

    Great work all round, everyone! I’m REALLY getting fired up for these Saxons.

  5. Great grief … what a display! All the various ‘takes’ on the white have certainly give me something to cogitate over should I ever manage to get my hands on some of the Saxons for myself! 8O)

    Keep up the good work one and all and keep the pictures coming. Hmmm. I wonder if Peter F. himself has painted one or two up yet?

    von Peter himself

  6. MurdocK said

    Wonderful works!

    Gives you something to plan for in the future?

  7. El Mercenario said

    What I find very interesting is that we three painted their Saxons at the same time without being in contact and and haven’t repeated the regimental colours! Who dares to paint the next batch in yellow?

    Peter F.-Please, throw your brushes away, we need you sculpting full time! 🙂

  8. Martin said

    I noticed that myself when I was loading up the photos. I wonder why none of us chose to do the yellow variant? Is there something about painting yellow and white that put us all off?

  9. I think that the yellow regiments would look great … if you got the yellow right! 8O)

    Certainly more distinctive on the Napoleonic battlefield than the red, blue or green faced regiments.

    von Peter himself, self proclaimed connoisseur of military high fashion & sucker for military yellow 8O))

  10. Simon Boulton said

    Hello, these Saxon’s look really great, will have to add a regiment to my French Army. It occured to me that once Peter’s finished these it wouldn’t take too much work to produce the French. I think he could really go to town with the 1813 campaign look, lots of greatcoats and pokalems for the hastily raised conscripts! Cheers, Simon

  11. El Mercenario said

    OK Peter, you do the figures and I commit before you all to paint my first Saxon battalion in yellow…wait a sec, that means to paint a whole brigade…and all this after painting Zieten’s Silesian Brigade for GdB…now I’m blue.

  12. Hello Javi

    “OK Peter, you do the figures and I commit before you all to paint my first Saxon battalion in yellow…”

    I’m not sure if I’m confused … or you’re confused … or we’re all confused?! 8O)

    von Peter himself is not the same Peter as Peter F., aka Mr Calpe Miniatures.

    But don’t let that put you off, I’d love to see one of your Calpe Saxons in yellow facings.

    von Peter himself

  13. El Mercenario said

    Obviously I was confused…sorry!

  14. It’s no problem to me Javi. In fact, I’m quite honoured! 8O)

    Actually any confusion is all Peter F’s fault – I’m sure I was named Peter before he was!! 8O))

    Keep up your painting and I’d still love to see a yellow faced Saxon (if you know what I mean).

    von Peter himself

  15. Dave said

    These figures look rather inspiring – and they are in that lovely martial pose where you can imagine them ‘bunched-up’ or shoulder-to-shoulder in column.

    Lovely work by the painters too!


  16. peter said

    Guys nice painting.2 queries how do u paint the unshaven look and how do u paint mud effect on trouser ends etc please(campaign look)

  17. Martin said

    I’ll leave it to Javi to describe how he painted the unshaven look – various greys I suspect. As for mud on trousers, I can answer that one but not tonight (it’s well past my bedtime). So I’ll aim to write a short post to cover that tomorrow.

  18. El Mercenario said

    Glad to help, as always
    -5 o’clock shadows: first paint the face’s highlights but leave cheeks, chin etc. unpainted. Then mix flesh base colour (Vallejo’s Beige brown in this case) with a bit of a medium grey. More beard as much grey. Add some white to this mix and apply one or two highlights. These have to be very smooth, with less contrast than the rest of the face. 5 o’clock shadows look especially good in moustached figures.
    -Mud: I’m not very fan of dirt and mud in the figures, I just paint it in skirmishers. Looks especially good in the knees (it’s supose that skirmishers used to kneel to fire, etc.). Drybrush a dark brown (Chocolate Brown), drybrush a lighter brown (such as Corck Brown) and then, optionally, drybrush a light olive green. Easy!

  19. Iñigo said

    Hi all of you guys.
    I’m a friend of Javi and also I received three wonderful saxon figures from Peter F. at Salute. I’ve painted them in one of the yellow regiments(P. Maximillian). Javi has the photographs. I hope yhat you would like the painting.

  20. Martin said

    Iñigo and Javi, thank you for e-mailing these pictures to me. Over the weekend, I’ll update this posting to include some of them.

  21. Hello Martin

    Now about those lovely yellow faced Saxons that Iñigo has kindly sent you pictures of!?!

    I think that I’ll be modelling Generallieutenant Lecoq’s 24th division from 1813 with my Saxons. Besides a battalion of Leib Grenadier Garde and some light battalions I think I basically get some green and yellow faced infantry including a grenadier battalion faced … green and yellow! You’ve provided some pictures of the greens, and others have provided reds & blues, but what of the yellows?


    von Peter himself … of an impatient disposition

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