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Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

One week to go

Posted by Martin on April 12, 2008

To Salute, that is. So now I’ve started musing about which stands I plan to visit. The truth is I’ll probably amble round most of the hall but I always like to have a checklist to ensure I don’t miss the ones that most interest me. Here’s what I’ve identified so far:

  • The painting competition: I always like to look at this and usually find plenty to admire. My natural preference is, of course, for horse and musket figures. There’s nothing like having a couple of colourful battalions or squadrons to inspect.
  • Perry Miniatures: according to the floorplan, they have their own stand this year. How distinct this will be from Dave Thomas’ stand, I don’t know. In previous years they’ve seemed to be merged together. I’ll be taking a close look at the new Imperial Guard chasseurs a pied. And if Dave Thomas’ stand is close by, that’s usually a good source of paints and GMB flags.
  • Foundry: surprised? Well don’t be. The few occasions that Foundry actually attend shows are the best opportunities to get bargains without the P&P costs. I’m planning to look at some of their paints. With the Calpe Saxons imminent, I foresee a lot of white in my future.
  • Loughton Strike Force: a Waterloo demo game and almost certainly using the General de Brigade ruleset.
  • Polish Lancers Re-enactment Society: it’s a no-brainer!
  • Touching History: a chance to see another example of Paul’s amazing terrain-making skills. And for a Napoleonic game this year too.

I expect I’ll be adding to the score as I spend more time going through the floorplan over the next few days.


3 Responses to “One week to go”

  1. Robert said

    “With the Calpe Saxons imminent, I foresee a lot of white in my future.”

    Unless you go for units in greatcoats! Any news on when the first of these much-heralded fellows might see the light of day?

    I really envy those in the UK when it comes to shows. The games must be so inspiring, and the chance to pick up miniatures in any quantity from various manufacturers (without having to consider postage rates!) is something I can only dream of.

  2. Giles said


    No doubt I’ll bump into you at the Loughton game again. Do Foundry have special offers and bargains? I recall they irritated me intensely last year by being the only company that raised its prices before Salute rather than the week after (I bought some paints and it was only when I paid for them that I realised the price had gone up). They do often have pre-release stuff on sale, that’s for sure.

    For me it’s largely a big pre-order of Perry AWI goodies from Dave Thomas and a similar pre-order of ACW from Dixon. Might see what Last Valley have, as I’ve been meaning to buy some of their terrain for a while. And of course I will begin a random half dozen new periods, as one does at these shows….


  3. Martin said

    @Giles: well, by Foundry “bargains” I only really mean the absence of their bizarre P&P charges. Are you tempted by Perry plastic ACW or won’t they mix with your Dixons? Hope to bump into you tomorrow.

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