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One month to go

Posted by Martin on March 19, 2008

Salute 2008 occurs on Saturday 19th April (precisely one month from now) and I’ve started my annual rituals in the lead up.

The first thing I always do is sort out my transport arrangements. I live in the West of England so I’ve got a straight choice between driving up the M4 motorway or getting a train to London Paddington. Given that I find driving stressful and Salute is always a tiring day, I inevitably opt for the train. Rail travel can be very expensive, especially if you leave things until the last minute, just turn up at your local station and buy a ticket on the day.

So here’s my first tip: plan ahead and book ahead.

Our local rail franchise, First Great Western (known to regular commuters as Last Late Western) does at least get one thing right. It offers an online discount rate advance booking service called Firstminutefares. If you get in early enough, you can get a substantial bargain, particularly if you pay attention to the links that tell you that sometimes buying two singles is cheaper than buying a return. This year, I’ve managed to buy two singles between Chippenham and London Paddington for the grand total of UKP17.

My next tip: check out engineering works on the trains and London Underground.

Now there are none planned for the railways that I know of yet but a visit to the Salute Web site has forewarned me that the Docklands Light Railway will be closed onthe big day. This is a bit of an incovenience because the DLR station Custom House is right outside the venue. Current advice is to travel to Canning Town on the Jubilee Line and catch the replacement bus service from there.

There are several ways to get from Paddington to Canning Town and the London Transport Web site’s journey planner seems to be obsessed with sending people to Baker Street and then changing for a very long drag all along the Jubilee Line. I’m not sure that’s the route I’ll take. Instead I’m looking at the Hammersmith and City to West Ham and then a one stop journey Southbound on the Jubilee Line.

So now I’ve got a few weeks to muse over the floor plan and decide which demo games and exhibitors to put on my hit list. I’ve also got to make some arrangements to meet up with friends there and flirt forlornly with the idea of entering something in the painting competition.

3 Responses to “One month to go”

  1. I wont be there this year, but maybe next. Will you be meeting up with Mr Fitzgerald?

    Good luck with the planning and the travel. May you make the return journey safely and successfully … and not just so that you can report back to us all!!! 8O)

    von Peter himself

  2. Martin said

    Peter F. and I usually meet up at Salute. We haven’t made a definite arrangement yet but I’mm 99% certain we’ll tour the trade stands and demo games together. He’s busy doing the mast moulds for the Saxons at present, so who knows what he might have to show me at Salute.

  3. David Norris said

    Believe me you would rather take the Jubilee than be on the Hammershith and City line for that length of time. The Jubilee is fast and modern and you will arrive ready to move on.

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