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More mud, no shoes

Posted by Martin on February 14, 2008

Kurmark landwehr infantry #1

An opportune point-and-click moment arose today so I can show you WIP on a pair of march-attack landwehr infantry. I’ve taken to painting figures in pairs as a compromise between my failed attempt to do production line painting of four or more figures at a time and the excessive slowness of doing one at a time. It worked with the casualty figures and it’s going well with this pair.

The figure on the left is noteworthy as being one of a set of three that Peter F. sculpted as a cover mount for Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy a couple of years ago. I’ve had a couple of these sets stashed away for a while now waiting for the right moment to paint them. The other two in the set are a chap wearing clogs and that rarity, a landwehr pioneer. It is acutally possible to buy these figures from Calpe (product codes PL31, PL32 and PL33) even though they were done as cover mounts.

The mud motif will continue through this battalion and you can see it clearly on the bottom of trouser legs and knees as well as the bottom of the litewkas on these two figures. Work remaining here includes the water bottle, muskets, hands and cap piping on both.


3 Responses to “More mud, no shoes”

  1. Howdies Martin

    VERY nice as usual.

    Two at a time is going to take a while before you complete a General de Brigade sized unit though! How many are you aiming for in the unit? 32? I have still not worked out my ideal number of figures to paint at a time.

    I painted my solitary (to date) reserve infantry batallion all at once. It nearly broke me!!!! Many other figures came and went before the unit was complete. I guess it didn’t help that the British supplied uniform was covered in all that unPrussian like piping and lace.

    Too small a quantity at once though means that I’ll start many batches of figures and finish many batches of figures before the unit is complete. This can be a bit disappointing as well.

    To further complicate matters I suspect that several other factors perhaps affect my ideal batch size: complexity of figure, number of figures in the unit, state of mind, urgency of getting the unit complete etc.

    In the end I dither too much while painting, and spend too long on the internet and not painting. I have a friend (Craig) who can paint like a machine. I’ve seen him surrounded by mountains of Romans methodically working his way through them all as one batch. Just not my style unfortunately. Having read Peter F’s article on painting the big battalions, I suspect he would give me a right telling off about my habits! 8O)

    Anyway, enough navel gazing for now. Keep up the good work. Oh … and any pictures of Saxons?! 8O))

    von Peter himself

  2. Martin said

    I’ve tried various batch sizes over recent times and never come up with an ideal formula. The bigger the batch, the harder it is for me keep motivation to complete it. But if I do one figure at a time, progress on a unit as a whole seems too slow.

    For a while I coped with batches of four figures but my illness over Christmas knocked the stuffing out of me a bit. So I’ve decided to ease back into things for the first part of 2008 by doing pairs. Once I get some momentum, it’ll be back to fours. One thing I keep at the forefront of my mind is that this is my hobby and, as such, its primary purpose is to give me pleasure and relaxation. So I’ll paint in whatever way pleases me at any given time – I recommend the same Zen-like approach to everybody.

    Ultimately, these will be 32-figure units. Well, that’s not quite true actually – they’ll be four-base units with each base representing 160 men but there will be fewer that 32 actual figures because I’ll count the mounted officer as double and I’ll do the same for casualties on the bases. That’s why I’m going to be making seperate casualty marker bases to keep track of losses. Plus there’s something aesthetically pleasing about bases with the various er… variations.

    To begin with, though, I am tempted by the idea of fielding them as below strength three-base units, which will call for me to paint less than 24 figures per battalion intially. Then I’ll upgrade each battalion with an additional base to bring them up to full strength later.

    Re Saxon pictures – I’m subject to the gentle whims of our patron at Calpe Towers. Fear not, as soon as I get pictures, they’ll be posted here.

  3. Giles said

    Good to see some finished figures, Martin. I find batches of 6 figures is my “optimum” amount – I try to finish 6 during the week and 6 at the weekend. I usually end up with about 8 or 9 finished figures in any one week. Of course this system works well with AWI because the units are relatively small – 16 to 20 figures. I’d find 32-figure units in 25mm a bit much I think…

    Best wishes


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