Befreiungskriege 1813-14

Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures


Posted by Martin on January 30, 2008

The other day I mentioned that Litko does octagonal bases but that they didn’t do the 40mm size as standard and they aren’t covered by their online process for ordering custom bases. As you know, this is the size and shape I’m after for my Prussian casualty bases so it was good news when they responded to my e-mail enquiry today.

Jim at Litko tells me that they’re planning to add the octagonal shape to the process for ordering custom bases online but, in the meantime, they provided me with a link to add a 10-pack of 1.5mm thick 40mm wide plywood octagonal bases to the shopping cart on the Litko Web site. And while I’m at it, I’ll order some 40mm wide hexagonal bases too.

I can’t see anything about this link that’s personsonalized for me, so I think it’s OK for others to use it too but I’m going to check with the guys at Litko before I publicize it here.

UPDATE: here’s a link from Jim at Litko that you can use to order this custom item:

10 count, 40mm Octagons, 1.5mm plywood, US$7.14


4 Responses to “Polygons!”

  1. Phil said

    Please post a note about them when you get them. I’m hesitant to order this sort of thing without seeing it.

  2. Glen said


    Great stuff, I can now put away the chain mail glove and jigsaw!


  3. Martin said

    @Phil I’ll let you all know when they arrive (my previous experience with Litko is that delveries are fast, even across the Atlantic) and post some pictures.

    @Glen: that conjures up a gory image – mind you, I’ve had some close shaves with the old scalpel before now. That’s one of the reasons I’ve given up cutting my own bases.

  4. Martin said

    Just a quick update to say that Litko e-mailed me last night to say that my order had been dispatched.

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