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Kurmark landwehr casualties

Posted by Martin on January 26, 2008

OOBs for Borstell’s 5th brigade in 1813 show that its infantry elements included the battalions of the 2nd Kurmark landwehr regiment. At various times during the campaign between two and four battalions of this regiment were present. The 2nd and 4th battalions were at Gross Beeren, so that’s where I’ll be starting.

As a gentle easing in before Christmas, I applied the brushes to a couple of prone casualty figures. Here they are, still unvarnished and awaiting basing at some point in the future:

Landwehr infantry casualty #1Landwehr infantry casualty #2

Kurmark landwehr infantry’s distinctive provincial colour was poppy red – so that’s the colour for cuffs, collars and cap bands. And this being the 2nd battalion of the regiment, the shoulder straps are red (colours for other battalions in a landwehr infantry regiment are: 1st = white, 3rd = yellow and 4th = light blue). I used my usual four layer recipe for the red: basecoat of hull red, first highlight (which almost totally covers the basecoat) = red, second highlight = scarlet and final highlight = orange red.

The other noteworthy thing about the painting here is that I’ve decided to depict these battalions very much in campaign conditions – which means plenty of mud. So there’s deliberate painting of mud around the bottom of trouser legs, on the knees and around the bottom of the litewka. Expect lots more mud as these battalions progress.

One of these casualties is destined to be a casualty marker on an octagonal base from Litko (more of that in weeks to come) while the other will grace one of the four bases that will comprise the 2nd battalion itself. And as a final bonus prize, here’s a shot of the original greens that Peter sculpted for these figures:

Landwehr infantry casualty greens #1Landwehr infantry casualty greens #2

As you can see, there are four in the set; I’m saving the other two for the 4th battalion.

7 Responses to “Kurmark landwehr casualties”

  1. Frazer said

    Great stuff Martin. Have a battalion of landwehr waiting to be painted but need to finish my Neumark dragoons first,they seem to be taking forever!

  2. Giles said

    Nice to see more of your painting at last! I like the mud effect particularly. I’m always interested to see how other gamers base their casualty figures. I put them on pennies, whereas most people I know left them “unbased” to just scatter around (if they are not put on regimental bases).

    Best wishes


  3. Phil said

    Nice. I like the idea of an octagonal base. Will each side be numbered to show how many casualties down a stand is?

  4. Martin said

    Yes, Phil, that’s precisely the intention. Litko do octagonal bases but their one-inch ones are too small and their two-inch ones are too big. So I’ve e-mailed them about custom 40mm ones. Waitng to see what they say because they already do 40mm as a standard size for hexagonal bases.

  5. Phil said

    I’ll pick up some of those myself, and the hexagonal ones too.

    I don’t think I have any Calpe casualty figures, I’ll have to go check the catalog.

  6. Glen said


    Great artwork, very impressive. If you fancy a game some time drop me a line, I’m only down the road in Trowbridge.


  7. Martin said

    Quick update on the Litko custom bases. There’s good news – see the new posting I’ve added tonight.

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