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Calpe Saxons update

Posted by Martin on January 23, 2008

As you know, Peter was inundated with orders just before Christmas and this had an impact on the plan to complete the first set of Saxons (march-attack musketeers). In fact, Peter is still trying to catch up with the backlog of an unexpected (but welcome) volume of orders. He’s asked me to apologise if you’re still waiting for figures to be delivered and there’s an announcement on the Calpe Miniatures home page.

So what does all this mean for progress on the Saxons? Well, I can do no better that quote directly from Peter’s announcement:

As for the Saxons: the first set of figures is well on the way to completion. They are in the march-attack pose and the rank-and-file musketeer figures are complete. I am working on the command figures at the moment. These include NCOs, musician, sapper, standard bearer, officers etc. I will try to get some photos posted on the Befreiungskreige site in the near future.

Based on this, I hope to have some photos to share with you soon (especially you, Phil – greens, greens, greens, greens indeed!).

3 Responses to “Calpe Saxons update”

  1. Phil said

    That’s what we like to hear. Updates! of any kind ….

  2. Well this is all splendid news. All power to Peter F’s sculpting tools … and evil thoughts to them that keep placing orders! 8O)

    Of course in reality it is very good news that Peter has been inundated with orders. No orders = no income = why would Peter continue? So incoming orders that need processing is good and really a requirement for the future of Calpe Miniatures. The only other available ‘resource’ available to speed up the Saxons would seen to be Peter’s free time (leisure, eating, sleeping etc). I’m afraid that this (previously) called free time will need to be cut to the bone! I’m sorry for Peter F. about this, but sometimes what needs to be done just needs to be done. Great things do not happen without great sacrifices!! 8O))

    von Peter himself (who is not serious about any of this apart form the splendid news bit – the Saxons will come when they come)

  3. Robert said

    My bank book rejoices at the reprieve, and I can be patient.

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