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A happy late birthday to me!

Posted by Martin on January 16, 2008

My birthday was back in October and SWMBO kindly ordered the new Leggiere book: The Fall of Napoleon: Allied Invasion of France, 1813 v. 1 (Cambridge Military Histories)for me as a pressie. But then the UK publishers kept delaying and delaying the publication date. Well, I’m delighted to report that Cambridge University Press has finally published it and Amazon has finally delivered it to my door. Yippee!

So far I’ve only had time to sniff the ink and skim through for a first impression but it certainly looks like a mighty tome. It weighs in at over 600 pages and has a terrific bibliography that shows Leggiere for the rising Napoleonic scholar that he is. It’s a delight to see an author clearly identify and distinguish between his primary and secondary resources.

As you may know, I rate Leggiere’s previous work Napoleon and Berlin: The Napoleonic Wars in Prussia, 1813as one of the best works on the 1813 Auntumn campaign ever written in the English language so I’m salivating at the prospect of reading this new one. If it comes up to the standard of its predecessor, it’ll gain a reputation as one of the best ever books about the 1814 campaign – all the more so given the dearth of books in English (good or bad) about the fascinating twilight of the First Empire.


4 Responses to “A happy late birthday to me!”

  1. Oh goodie, hopefully Caliver Books has despatched my copy to me as well.

    I too really enjoyed his Napoleon & Berlin book. If I would have any suggestions for improvements to that book they would be:

    1. Some decent and detailed maps of the battles.

    2. Orders of battle for the armies.

    von Peter himself

  2. Phil said

    I don’t know what the deal is with military historians not including ample maps in their works. Seems like a 101 to understand how a battle went down.

    I’m sure you order have the obats from the Nafziger books on 1813 and I understand that he will be publishing some books on 1814 commencing this year also so I imagine he will have plenty of obats for that.

  3. My copy finally arrived today having been despatched from the UK on the 21st of January. Oh well, it’s here now and has that new book crispness about it … lovely. At this very moment it is sitting right here in front of me begging to be read. Just another must do hobby task to fit in around all the others! 8O)

    Any one read it yet and have any feedback?

    I gather that this is volume 1. Roll on Volume 2!

    von Peter himself

  4. Martin said

    Now that’s an important point about it being Volume 1. If you haven’t got this yet, please be aware that it stops before it gets to the battles to the East of Paris and Napoleon’s last brilliant (but doomed) defence against overwhelming opposition.

    What you do get in Volume 1 is coverage of the much-ignored lead up as the marshals slowly withdraw from the banks of the Rhine, Holland and Belgium.

    I’ve only had time to dip in so far; I haven’t started my “proper” cover-to-cover reading. So it’ll be a while before I can offer my complete review.

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