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Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

Diary of a productive Saturday

Posted by Martin on November 18, 2007

Yesterday was one of those rare good uninterrupted days…

9am: Opened post from Steve Maughan – CD of photos of the figures he painted for his Plancenoit demo game. I’ll have to find time to drool over those and choose ones to add to the Calpe gallery.

10am: Checked e-mail. Three new comments to moderate about the campaign dress and the Saxons plus a message from Peter F. including the release lists for the new Prussian musketeers trail arms set and a Prussian corps command set and a few extra goodies like ornamental spear tops for flag poles and extra horses.

12 noon: Added Word document detailing new sets to the downloadable catalogues section of the Calpe Web site. Also modified the relevant Web pages to inlcude the new releases and added a photo of Peter’s Pommeranian landwehr cavalry regiment to the site. Smiled inwardly at an aside from Peter that notes the next release will be personality figures for Bulow, Yorke, Kleist and Tauenzien and that the first Saxons are still on track.

2pm to 5pm: Painting time! Made significant progress on some landwehr casualty figures I’m painting up for GdeB casualty marker bases. These little chaps are an attempt to kill several bird with one stone. Firstly I do actually need some casualty markers; secondly, I wanted to experiment with taking that campaign look a step further and caking coats, trousers, gaiters and boots with a judicious amount of mud; thirdly, I have it in mind to use these as the painting samples to send off to Foundry. Though I’ve got to admit to a case of dithering about whether I want to go through with the idea of painting for Foundry. One reason is the time factor – I get little enough time to paint for my own collection so does it make sense to use some of that precious resource for somebody else?

Well, it might if it weren’t for the second reason:

I dug out a couple old Foundry French Napoleonics I had in a cupboard and sized them up for painting. Hmmm – when you’re used to painting Calpe castings, I’ve got to say the prospect of taking the brush to a Foundry one isn’t too appealing. Foundry castings are smaller, have more mould lines and flash, the scupted detail isn’t so precise and clearly defined. All in all, I’m beginning to wonder if I’d enjoy painting them at all. So it’s time for a bit of reflection on this idea…

5pm: So ends the productivity with the return of the girls from their day out. I’ve still got to add the Saxon article to the Calpe site and update the home page with info about all the changes. That sounds like a Sunday afternoon job now.

2 Responses to “Diary of a productive Saturday”

  1. Phil said


  2. Glen said


    Sounds like a very productive day, I spent all day Saturday at my girlfriends gardening, we made up for it on Sunday by going to Warfare, the best bit being when she was asking Dave Thomas how she could mail order some Perry miniatures she had noticed I had been eying up. Can’t wait for Christmas!

    If you fancy a trip out to the Devizes club give me a shout, I’m on the committee and only live down the road in Trowbridge.


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