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Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

Harvest Festival

Posted by Martin on October 30, 2007

Yep, it really must be the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Several new Napoleonic tempters have appeared in the last couple of weeks and I’m probably the last to spot them. Still, that’s what you get for taking half-term week off work to decorate bedrooms!

In no special order then…

GMB has released several new packs of Prussian lancer pennants. These cover the uhlan regiments:

  • PCL 7 – 1st West Prussian Uhlan Regt. 1808-14 (white over blue) (24 pennants)
  • PCL 8 – 2nd West Prussian Uhlan Regt. 1808-14 (white over red) (24 pennants)
  • PCL 9 – 3rd West Prussian Uhlan Regt. 1808-14 (white over yellow) (24 pennants)
  • PCL 10 – Silesian Uhlan Regt. 1808-14 (red over blue) (24 pennants)
  • PCL 11 – Brandenburg Uhlan Regt. 1808-14 (yellow over blue) (24 pennants)
  • PCL 12 – Freiwilliger Jager, Brandenburg Regt. 1808-14 (yellow over green) (24 pennants)
  • PCL 13 – Prussian Uhlan Regts. 1815 (black over white) (24 pennants)

E-mail for more details from Graeme.

There’s also a plethora of new French from the Perrys. Two new packs of cuirassiers and the first five packs of legere infantry. As if that isn’t enough, the first of the Yound Guard are due soon. There’s some tempting eye-candy shots on Steve Dean’s forum.

Finally, after several months off line for a revamp, the Elite Miniatures site is back.

And, on a more personal note, Bernard at Waragmes Foundry has replied to my expression of interest in doing a bit of painting for them. I’m not sure how this’ll work out but I’m going to do a couple of sample figures and see what happens from there. I might be about to shoot myself in the foot by saying that I only want to do a limited amount of figures and ideally not to tight deadlines. After all, if you’re a regular here, you’ll know how slow I am with the paintbrushes. Still, it might just be the sort of thing to stir me to greater productivity.


10 Responses to “Harvest Festival”

  1. Phil said

    Very nice.

    We live in the golden age of napoleonics I think.

    I need more money.

  2. Hi Martin

    These are newish from GMB Designs as well … at least to me!

    Pr96 Prussian Landwehr and Reserves. Black with ornate gold cross decoration. black eagle on white centre.
    Pr97 Prussian Landwehr and Reserves. Black .Large black eagle on white centre shield
    Pr98 Prussian Landwehr and Reserves. Black with ornate gold cross decoration. Red Brandenburg eagle on white centre.
    Pr99 Prussian Landwehr and Reserves. Black .Large Red Pommeranian griffin on white centre shield

    I’ve got Pr98 and think it is great.

    von Peter himself

  3. Glen Lomax said


    If the foundry want some quality art work they will definately get it from you, most impressive brush work. Did you go over to the Devizes weekend game last weekend? It was Albuera in 25mm using(Gen de Brigade)


  4. Martin said

    Thanks for the kind words Glen – I’m probably going to have to paint a couple of single figures specially given that I mount mine on bases for wargaming. Don’t know how I didn’t spot the Devizes game. Mind you, I had a very busy weekend with one of my daughters needing “daddy’s taxis” to a couple of parties and guests for Sunday lunch.

    I really ought to take time to visit the Devizes club some time soon.

  5. Phil said

    Seen any greens for the Calpe Saxons yet?

  6. Martin said

    Not yet Phil but it won’t be long now, I suspect…

  7. Robert said

    I”d like a peek at any greens for the Saxons as well.

    Hopefully Grahame at GMB can be persuaded to release a range of Saxon flags to coincide with Peter’s first release.

  8. Hi Robert

    I’m led to believe that Grahame of GMB Designs fame is working on the Saxon flags. Just a well as his range looks a little thin without them! 8O)

    von Peter himself

  9. Giles said

    Good luck with the painting, Martin. Hope you find some time to add to your own collection as well as Bryan Ansell’s!

    Best wishes


  10. Oh my gosh! A faux pas!! Isn’t it Grahame of GMB fame, not Graeme?

    Well someone’s made a faux pas – either Mr Kelly or me!! 8O))

    Any news on the Saxons? Will I be able to get them as a Christmas present? I’m being strong (for now) and not disturbing Peter F’s creative time with such puerile self serving queries.

    von Peter himself … idly filling in time before dinner

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