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Plancenoit at Partizan

Posted by Martin on October 9, 2007

Just a quickie that I’ve been meaning to mention for ages. Though I didn’t manage to make it to Partizan last month, I’ve had several good reports from the show and, in particular, a demonstration game of Plancnoit has been mentioned in dispatches. The latest report came from Peter F. who was full of fulsome praise, not least because many battalions of Calpe figures filled the ranks of the Prussian army.

The game in question was put on by Steve Maughan of the Napoleonic Archive. Peter F. and I are hoping to get our grubby little hands on many of the photos that Steve took on the day but, to whet your appetites, there’s a batch of them already on Steve’s own Web site.


10 Responses to “Plancenoit at Partizan”

  1. Phil said

    Nice. I’m assuming those French guys with white flags are Young Guard. Who makes the lead?

  2. Not to distract from Phil’s query*

    What are the Napoleonic Archive books like for production values, content etc? It may not be an 1813 battle, my focus year, but Plancenoit might still be of interest.

    * I firmly believe that one day you will get your Young Guard Phil! 8O) Keep up the search for which I wish you luck as I will quite possibly want some in the fullness of time. Who wants Old Guard super troop idlers who sit a the back grumbling while the Young Guard go in with the bayonet.

    von Peter himself

  3. Martin said

    Phil: it’s hard to tell much about the figures with white flags. I suspect they may be Perry line infantry painted up a Young Guard. Not many people do Young Guard – the most well-known are the Foundry ones.

    Peter: I don’t know what the books are like, I haven’t ever really had the chance to inspect one.

  4. Phil said

    I guess I’ll just keep waiting.

    What should we be looking for from Calpe for the rest of this year? Next on my needed list is Cuirassier I believe.

  5. Martin said

    Phil: Peter F’s plans for the remainder of the year are already in the public domain. In basic terms it goes like this:

    1). Prussiam musketeers in trail arms and chargig poses.
    2). Prussian corps command set and possibly a couple of personality figures.
    3). Saxon musketeers in march attack poses.

    There is also the possibility of resculpted Prussian dragoons. Of course, real life has a nasty habit of interfering with things…

  6. Hi Martin, you are welcome to use any of the photos from the website, just right click and nick, as it were!
    There are more on
    Did Peter show you his copy of the Plancenoit booklet? If you want any of the other shots in it just let me know and I will send you a disc.

    Cheers, Steve Maughan

  7. Martin said

    Hi Steve: I’ll ask Peter F. which pictures he’d like to use but I’d certainly welcome a disc. I’ll ask him for your e-mail address and contact you that way.

  8. John Snead said

    Have purchased the Plancenoit book/pamphlet. Very nice pictures, some good uniform information and the scenario seems like a good one. A map of the scenario that they played would be a nice addition. Shipping/turn around time was very good.

    John Snead
    Maryland USA

  9. Hi Martin,
    a number of the figures used in the game are now on sale on ebay,
    Cheers, Steve

  10. Martin said

    Hi Steve,

    Been chatting with Peter F – I’m going to e-mail you about the photos and a link to your ebay auction.

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