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A Colours-ful day out

Posted by Martin on September 16, 2007

I’m fresh back from my day trip to Colours 2007 at the Newbury racecourse. I always like this show because the venue is a) great and b) easy to get to from where I live – only an hour’s drive along the A4 and free parking!

I got there early to so that I could go round the stands I most wanted to see before things got crowded – plus I had arranged to meet up with Peter F. later on. This plan certainly paid dividends because I could explore freely without being jostled but I got the impression that the traders weren’t enjoying the lack of potential paying customers as much as I was. As usual, Dave Thomas’ stand was one of the places I made a beeline for. I like to ferret through the latest Perry packs and admire Dave’s revolving display case of painted figures – lots of lovely ECW, AWI, Sudan, Samurai and Napoleonics in there. I also took the opportunity to thumb through all the GMB flags in stock – sadly, I couldn’t find any of the ones I want so I’ll have to order direct from Graeme.

In fact, not finding stuff I’m looking for proved to be the theme for much of the day. Nobody stocked Foundry paints – just when I want to try out their white to see how good the coverage is – and the new Leggiere 1814 book still hasn’t been published. Looks like I’ll have to resort to online ordering. It’s actually a good job that nobody had any 1/48th scale Tamiya WWII vehicle kits in stock or I might have succumbed to that dangerous temptation for the lack of any of my planned retail therapy.

Touching History AWI scenery

The best display on offer was, once again, provided by Touching History. Paul had brought along his AWI set-up (photo above) and while I was inspecting it, I couldn’t help wondering if my fellow painting blogger Giles had been along to drool over it.

Peter’s painting competition winners

Regulars will know that I was supposed to be in a pact with Peter F. to enter the painting competition but I had to pull out of the plan because of a recent family health scare. However, Peter still managed to uphold Calpe honour by entering not one but three items. His Prussian command set was in the diorama class and he had a unit if charging landwehr infantry and a unit of landwehr cavalry (photo above) in the 28mm wargames units class. The command set and the cavalry both won their classes and the infantry collected a third prize. So well done Peter! The joshing about the command unit has already started and Peter’s excellent medal haul has certainly upped the ante for next time around.

News from Calpe is that Peter’s been kept busy catching up with the orders that accumulated over the Summer break but he has been sculpting all the bits and pieces that will go to make up the first release of Saxons – things like shakos, backpacks, muskets and so on. Peter sounds like he’s really enjoying these Saxons and is determined to have the first release completed by the end of the year. So that’s a nice way to finish a Sunday out!

2 Responses to “A Colours-ful day out”

  1. Robert Swan said

    “Peter sounds like he’s really enjoying these Saxons and is determined to have the first release completed by the end of the year”

    And I’m determined to buy some of them when he does!

  2. Giles said

    Hi Martin – I didn’t see you at the show, but then the bottom floor was very crowded and I kept losing the people I was with! The shopping was excellent and there were interesting games. The only downside was my battle with public transport to and from Newbury.

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