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Quick recon report

Posted by Martin on September 14, 2007

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy #25Just spotted a few things worth sharing this week:

Firstly, there’s a new issue (#25) of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy AKA “the Spanish magazine”. While most of the issue seems to be WWII-centric, this time’s free flags include three flavours of Napoleonic Prussian lance pennant. Sadly, there’s only six of each at 25/28mm scale. There’s also an article on painting Prussian generals by Javier Gomez. Now, I’m an admirer of Javier’s style but, given that I’m painting some of the very same figures myself at the moment, I have to say that I find his results oddly rushed and slapdash in this particular article. He’s a really talented chap and this article doesn’t show his work to best advantage. Pity.

Secondly, I see that Foundry are appealing (both in their e-mail newsletter and on the Web site) for new figure painters. Some of you might find that a tempting proposition and if you’re interested you can e-mail Foundry at for further details. I find it a little strange that they only want painters in the UK. Perhaps there’s some logisitical reason for that?

I know I’m late to this one, but the Perrys have been releasing a variety of French Cuirassiers at ease/in reserve on standing horses. So far, I can see three different packs. I suspect these’ll be great for a diorama but potentially look a bit weird on the wargames table, especially when charging home against a square.

Lastly, I’m off to Colours 2007 at Newbury racecourse this coming Sunday. I hope to bump into some friends there. If you spot me before I spot you, say hello (I’m no good in crowds). At the moment, I’m planning to take the ancient digital camera in hope of doing a photo-report here next week.


6 Responses to “Quick recon report”

  1. Hi Martin

    Re the Perry’s reserve Cuirassiers – I wonder if they will look any more silly when charging that square than all those cavalry units in reserve at the rear of the army that that are charging all over the place … with wounded riders and horses crashing untidely into the bargain?! 8O)

    I remember raising this (resting unit posing) with Peter F. years ago. Infantrymen leaning on muskets, smoking pipes etc. Sounded good to me but Peter was not swayed.

    von Peter himself

  2. Javier Gomez "El Mercenario" said

    Hello Martin
    I’m sorry if my article dissapointed you. There was no rush in the painting, just some differences:
    -They were commissioned figures, so I painted them with more contrast (as my customer likes).
    -I use in articles unvarnished figures and varnish them after the pics were done, but not this time. Varnish doesn’t dry as matt as it uses and colours looked quite funny.
    -As it was summer time and the mag’s photographer was in holidays, I have to make the pics by myself. Moreover, this time were enlarged too much, giving evidence of all the stuff detailed before.
    However, if you consider it isn’t as inspiring as others I hope it will be still usefull as uniform guide.
    All the best

  3. Martin said

    Hi Javi,

    I’m really delighted and flattered to see you visiting my blog and commenting. Are you a regular reader?

    Please don’t get the wrong impression from my posting: I certainly have no wish to upset you, I always find your painting excellent and your articles informative. In fact, it’s the very fact that your work is usually so excellent that led me to be a little surprised on this occasion. My comment is really that this particular work didn’t appear to have quite have the same panache as other work of yours that I’ve seen. Of course, judged on an absolute scale against the work of others (including my own), your brushwork on this article remains inspiring.

    The thing I most especially enjoy about your articles is the freedom with which you share your paint choices and techniques. It’s this openness that spurs other on to try to emulate your work.

    I understand entirely your comments about photography. It’s an area where I regular fail to get results that figres deserve. Perhaps an article by WSS’s regular photographer about how to take good pictures is an idea we could all learn from?

    Finally, it would be great to see you commenting here more regularly in future. Since I started this blog, I’ve found it a great way to make friends around the world and share tips about our hobby.

  4. El Mercenario said

    Yes, I use to check this site because I’m a fan of both 1813 campaign and Calpe Miniatures! Quite good site, indeed. That you said about an article on photographing figures is a great idea, my two main unresolved problems around miniatures are varnishing and taking photographs. Actually I don’t know how I didn’t think on it before…

  5. Phil said

    I just tried Pebeo acrylic matte varnish on some figures for the first time. Best matt varnish I’ve ever used, it is dead flat when dry. Plus it’s acrylic so the clean-up is easy.

  6. El Mercenario said

    Sounds interesting…did you used it over the acrylic paints or over a previous coat of gloss varnish?

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