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Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

Summer holidays ahoy!

Posted by Martin on July 29, 2007

Now that the schools have broken up, my thoughts turn to Summer holidays – all the more so given that not only do I have two school-age children but a wife who teaches. So don’t expect too much posting here over August because we’ll be enjoying the fresh air in Scotland for as long as possible. However, I have an inivtation from David Imrie to visit his local club while we’re in Edinburgh and if that comes off, I’ll post a report here.

Over at Calpe Towers, Peter and his family will be closing up for the whole of August, a tradition which long-time Calpe followers will recall from previous years. That means that, although the figures are ready, the trail-at-arms musketeers won’t be released until September. There’s also going to be a set of charging musketeer figures and I’ve got news on the French and Saxon front. Peter doesn’t sculpt artillery pieces, caissons etc himself – he commissions those from somebody else. This weekend he met up with this supplier to commission and hand over research materials for French and Saxon artillery pieces. With luck, these will be released early in 2008.

Today, I’ve posted a fuller report from Peter on the Calpe Web site.

Through the Summer my thoughts will be geared toward the milestone of Colours at Newbury in early September. Peter and I still have a pact to both enter something at the painting competition. So I’m honour-bound to have someting good enough ready in time. Now that I’ve made a 100% firm decision to create Borstell’s brigade, I’m finding it much easier to focus my painting plans and that gives me real hope of being ready, even if it is only with a small offering like a command base or some volunteer jaegers or one or two artillery pieces.


3 Responses to “Summer holidays ahoy!”

  1. Phil said

    I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m not worthy to paint Calpe figs. I started working on a unit of hussars and they are just much nicer sculpts than I can do justice to. Success to you with your painting competition entry.

  2. Martin said

    Phil, don’t give up. There’s no need to get disheartened, those hussars are a challengigng prospect for anybody: loads of braiding and detail to worry about, horses to get right and often separate sword arms to drill and pin. Think of them as something to aim for later. Why not try something a bit lesss demanding to get your confidence up? Maybe some infantry if horses give you trouble?

  3. Phil said

    Well, I have the following Calpe stuff painted already:
    28 fig Landwehr cavalry unit (25 done, 3 almost, previously thought to be the nicest figures I’d ever seen)
    32 fig Dragoon cavalry unit (previously, previously thought to be the nicest figures I’d ever seen)
    4 gun battery
    brigade command group
    ammo wagon with crewman riding astride
    2×32 fig musketeer unit
    32 fusilier unit
    3×32 fig reserve unit
    20 fig Silesian shutzen unit
    32 fig landwehr unit

    So I’ve had plenty of practice, but the hussars just deserve better.

    My guys are all from Ziethen’s brigade. I should post some pictures somewhere I guess.

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