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Never the same size twice

Posted by Martin on July 28, 2007

A couple of weeks ago I finally made one of those “life’s too short” decisions.

Like many gamers, I’ve been in the habit of cutting my own bases. Usually from plastikard or 2mm plywood; sometimes incurring a few self-inflicted wounds; always failing to achieve an accurate result.

So I finally snapped. And in the process remembered a conversation with Peter Royle at Partizan last year when he mentioned that he buys pre-cut bases from Litko Aerosystems. If they’re good enough for Peter, they’re good enough for me, I thought. Just over a week ago, I visited the Litko Web site, placed my order online and sat back to await delivery. This weekend a nice neat robust cardboard parcel arrived from Indiana, USA. I don’t really know what to say other than everything has turned out neatly and exactly to my expectation.

The bases are precision cut, they arrive well packed, the no-frills Web site was easy to use and Litko offers bases in a bewildering array of shapes and sizes – not to mention materials. I opted for 1.5mm thick plywood because I like quite thin bases but they do 3mm thick ones for those with different preferences. So, in a few weeks time, you’ll see these new beauties debut under my Prussian command set.


7 Responses to “Never the same size twice”

  1. Matt Matthews said

    Great company! I buy all my bases from them!

  2. Robert Swan said

    A good move! I also got tired of cutting plywood bases myself, it was a laborious process with a hobby knife and a straight edge metal ruler that never seemed to stay put when I wanted it to. More often than not I sliced fingers more cleanly than the bases. So I went the Litko route with their 3-mm thick bases and never looked back. Excellent service from Litko, leaving time much better spent on working on the miniatures themselves.

  3. Hi Martin

    I have become a Litko man as well. As you say, so much easier and so much more accurate.

    I have sympathy with your thin bases idea but I have gone for the 3mm plywood. I’m trying to train myself to pick up stands using the base rather than the figure and the 3mm helps … or at least it would if I stopped grabbing stands by the figures! 8O)

    von Peter himself

  4. Chris Nelson said

    Martin: How you order your command bases (With the extended front for mounted officers) for “General de Brigade” or “In the Grand Manner” from Litko?

  5. Martin said

    Chris: the command base I’m working on is a divisional command base – so 100mm x 100mm or so for GdeB. Sorry for any confusion but that’s not a stand with a mounted officer within a battalion. Personally, I’m not a fan of these bases with the bit that sticks out the front for the mounted officer. What I do for mine is let the mounted officer stand for two figures in the battalion instead.

    So, taking a Prussian infantry battalion as an example: this would comprise four 60mm x 50mm bases, each of eight figures, except that for the base with the mounted officer. For that base, the figure count changes to six figures on foot and the one mounted officer. I hope that explanation makes sense.

  6. Chris Nelson said

    It does: Thanks much, Martin……Looks like they’re using the extended base in the Calpe painted units gallery (Ala Elite’s site),…

  7. Martin said

    Ah – those extended bases in the Calpe gallery are ones that Peter F. handcut himself. They’re not Litko ones, though he’s planning to switch over to them too.

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