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Professor Plum, in the study, with the paintbrush

Posted by Martin on July 9, 2007

The roadside shrineAvid reader, I write this from our newly finished garage to study conversion. And while I may not be Cludeo’s Professor Plum, I am in the study and I have been wielding a paintbrush. Gladly not to deadly effect!

It was just a small job to ease me gently back into painting after my recent illness. The “stump trump” AKA resin casting of a roadside shrine has been awaiting completion for some weeks now so I took the opportunity to finish it off yesterday afternoon while the kids were happily playing elsewhere in the house. I’ve also taken this opportunity to go for a slightly more artful layout on this post by positioning the photo (slightly smaller than previously) to the right of these words.

A couple of years ago, when we visited Bavaria, there were a significant number of these sorts of shrines still widely in evidence alongside roads out in the country. I imagine that they would have been commonplace 200 years ago, providing a focus for travellers to rest and offer up a prayer for safe completion of their journeys.

This one is destined to appear on my command base for the Prussian brigade commander Borstell. Don’t forget that a Prussian brigade was (roughly) the equivalent to a division in other armies of the time. Yep, that makes a life a little confusing for those of us who wargame according to the General de Brigade rules.

One Response to “Professor Plum, in the study, with the paintbrush”

  1. Giles said

    That looks excellent Martin. Glad to see you are up and about again.

    Best wishes


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