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Advancing Calpe musketeers: pix up

Posted by Martin on July 5, 2007

I’ve recovered sufficiently from my recent illness to wield the dodgy digital camera again. So, as promised but a little later than I hoped, here are some snaps of the new sculpts of Calpe advancing Prussian musketeers. First up, a couple shots of the eight different officer on foot poses:

New Calpe musketeers #7
New Calpe musketeers #1

Now the various high porte and low porte poses:

New Calpe musketeers #2
New Calpe musketeers #5
New Calpe musketeers #8

Next the NCO, falling wounded, standard bearer and drummer poses:

New Calpe musketeers #6

And finally the bareheaded and fatigue cap variants:

New Calpe musketeers #3New Calpe musketeers #4

By this point both the camera batteries and I were flagging, so that’ll do for tonight. There are also two mounted officers that I’ll aim to add over the weekend.

3 Responses to “Advancing Calpe musketeers: pix up”

  1. Hi Martin

    Thanks for the pictures.

    From a personal point of view the advancing pose is possibly my least favoured. In part because they can be a pain to paint as belts etc are visible but hard to get at due to the musket etc. In part perhaps because that’s the pose the majority of my Minifigs came in several decades ago! 8O)

    I like the marching poses with vertical musket as a good standard pose. I like the firing line for the sheer variety of poses possible to give a dynamic look, but since most of my units spend most of their time in column my Fusiliers and volunteer jager are the only ones to get this … though I have the figures for a shot up Landwehr firing line. Peter’s charging figures mixed with trail arms etc give a nice sense of movement so I think I’ll wait for these.

    It’s a shame the usual later 1813 brigade only gets two musketeer battalions!

    Look after yourself and get well soonist.

    von Peter himself

  2. Robert Swan said

    Thanks for posting those photos. Very nice miniatures. Amongst my first metal wargaming figures were Minifigs Prussians advancing, and these just show how much the sculpting standards of the industry have progressed since 1973.

    I actually like the advacing poses myself, but as von Peter suggests, march attack certanly looks the business too. At this rate I can see myself succumbing to a Brigade of Prussians to go with my Russian 9th Corps of 1813.

    Likewise, take care of yourself and don’t go ahead and overdo things!

  3. Phil said


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