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Buying Vallejo paints online: do the maths

Posted by Martin on June 9, 2007

I normally buy my Vallejo Model Colour acrylic paints at wargames shows. That’s fine except that it boils down to three or four opportunities a year. And sometimes that isn’t enough. And now is just such an occassion because I’m trying to expand my palette for painting horses.

Looking back in Steve Dean’s forum I found two good recommendations for places to buy online in the UK: Empire Games Store and but the question was which to go for. offers the better unit price at £1.44 per 17ml pot but charges a fixed fee of £3.50 for postage and packing for orders under £50; while Empire Games Store’s unit price is higher at £1.60 per 17ml pot but postage and packing is free on UK and European orders over £9.

Now all I need is a VFM online supplier of Winsor and Newton Series 7 brushes.

Well a quick bit of back of the envelope maths (well a minute setting up a formula in Excel, if I’m honest) and I was soon able to work out where to go for the best deal. It boils down to how many pots you want to order. For any order over £9 and up to 21 pots of paint, Empire Games Store comes out cheaper because the free P&P outweighs the higher unit price. If you want to order 22 pots or more and you stay under the £50 mark, then is the better bargain.

Of course, that’s based on the deals offered by both suppliers at the time of writing – things may change in future. Plus, of course, there are probably lots of other suppliers out there who might offer even better deals. I’m sure you’ll comment here if you find one!

Now all I need is a VFM online supplier of Winsor and Newton Series 7 brushes.


6 Responses to “Buying Vallejo paints online: do the maths”

  1. Theo Raykoske said

    Try – ken Bromley. They have sales and their mail order, imo, is grand.


  2. Mark said

    Hi Martin

    Been following your blog for a bit with interest and have at last felt moved to offer comment.

    For Vallejo paints online have you looked a Caliver Books?

    £1.50 a pot. P&P £1.75 or 10% (whichever is greater) up to an order value of £16.50 and free if over that. But! Mr Ryan also offers a discount (yes, the D-word). 10% off if you buy more than 10 bottles, 15% off if you buy more than 30 bottles and 20% off if you buy 60+ bottles.

    If you hadn’t set up a spreadsheet before, you would’ve had to now. By my own back-of-an-envelope calculation, if you order 13 or more, you pay £1.35 a bottle and get it post free (unless I’ve missed something).

    Can’t help you with the brushes yet I’m afraid.


    Mark O

  3. Ken Pearce said


    Try Ken Bromley Art Supplies, , currently have 30% off series 7 brushes.


  4. Giles said

    Ans here’s another one I’ve used in the past:

  5. Martin said

    Thanks Mark – and welcome to the BFK commenters club. Looks like I’m going to need a more complex spreadsheet if and when I plan a bulk order. Luckily for me, this time I only needed half a dozen pots.

    Theo, Ken, Giles: thanks for the brush tips. I’ll check out those. My local art shop carry W&N brushes but they rarely seem to have Series 7 Miniature 000s in stock.

  6. Svennn said

    Ken Bromley always has 30% of W&N Series 7 or seems to. They stock the standard and the pointer tips and their service is indeed excellant. They ship the brushes in the plastic tubes and will include a catalogue jam packed with other great stuff. There are some really good other sables at crazily low prices – their own label I believe which are more than adequate for bigger sizes for blocking in etc.. As I use watercolours with my acrylics the pages of these complete with colour swatches are fantastic

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