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Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

Want to see a masterpiece?

Posted by Martin on May 29, 2007

Every once in a while you see something utterly stunning. Today is such a day. George Hatzopoulos has just posted some photos of his latest paint job (a Perry Prince Jerome) on Steve Dean’s forum. I simply can’t find words to describe how fantastic a job he’s made of the figure.

Moreover, George posted some step-by-step photos on another site with details of the colour mixes he used. But I doubt that information will enable I or virtually anybody else to emulate his artistry.

The only consolation for us mortals is that it took George 50 hours to achieve this little work of art.


3 Responses to “Want to see a masterpiece?”

  1. Phil said

    Very nice paintjob.

    I’m not keen on the NMM approach. I don’t think the result looks much like the original.

    The face is amazing, and I’m amazed he can get such nice horse flesh using acrylics.

  2. Martin said

    Quick update to all this – George has just started his own blog at and the first posting is a tutorial about how he painted Jerome’s face. Fascinating!

    I’m going to update my link section to point to George’s blog rather than is CMON gallery.

  3. Phil said

    Yes, it is. Thanks for the link!

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