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A night on the tiles?

Posted by Martin on May 24, 2007

I’m going to treat you to a bit of a bumper post tonight. Partly because I’m overdue and partly because I doubt I’ll have much time for blogging over the next week or two. We have the in-laws visiting from Scotland and the builder is about to start work on our garage-to-study conversion. So I thought I’d better give people enough to keep ’em going for a while.

I’ve previously alluded to my plan to “trump the stump” on Peter F’s command set. Well, I can reveal that I’ve dusted off a resin casting of a roadside shrine I bought at a show last year. No, I can’t remember which show: it could have been Salute, Colours, Partizan or even Claymore in Edinburgh. Nor can I recall which maker’s stand I purchased it at. Anyway, I’ve started on the clay tiles on its roof and the wood of the cross. I first had to drill and cut out the triangular areas beneath the roof because I wanted to be able to see right through the gaps. It’s more realistic that way in my opinion. So here’s a work-in-progress shot:

Roadside shrine w-i-p 1

Still got at least one more layer of paint to go on the woodwork, plus the figure itself and I’ve yet to devise a way to put a nice date on the square panel above the figure.

And there’s more…

The Prussian command ADC on that infamous pale horse is now ready for varnishing. I’ve even corrected the cap band from red to green. Here are a set of all-around shots:

Pale horse ready to varnish 1 Pale horse ready to varnish 4

Pale horse ready to varnish 2 Pale horse ready to varnish 3

It was quite a struggle to get this effect and sort out the palette of colours but I’m pretty pleased with the outcome and I certainly learnt a lot along the way. Time to move on to the next figure in the set which will get either a black or a grey horse. Decisions, decisions…


2 Responses to “A night on the tiles?”

  1. Giles said

    That looks fantastic Martin – excellent job!


  2. Yes indeed, I’m with Giles on this one. Oh, and hi Giles! 8O)

    The shrine reminds me of a Historex vignette I saw many years ago. I think it had a napoleonic French dragoon holding a (presumably) dead dragoon trumpeter standing in front of, and staring at, the shrine.

    von Peter himself

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