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Calpe future plans officially unveiled

Posted by Martin on May 14, 2007

Today is a big day: I’ve just updated the home page of the Calpe Web site with an official statement from Peter F. about his future plans.

As I’ve hinted here and elsewhere, there’s a mixture of things and, personally, I think there’s something for everybody in this announcement. I know that Peter has invested considerable time in making his decisions and I’ve had several conversations with him about the matter (as have other people in his circle of friends in the hobby). Ultimately, what stands out from this is that we all reached the same conclusion and we’re all really excited about it.

I’m not going to quote directly from body of the announcement here – if you’re a Calpe fan/collector, you really ought to read all of it for yourself because it’ll give you a genuine insight into the Peter’s philosophy for how he wants to operate Calpe. But I am going to mention details of the release schedule for the rest of the 2007:

  • Late July: Prussian Line Musketeers in trail arms poses. These are new sculpts to replace existing figures in the range.
  • September: Musketeers in charging poses. These are also new sculpts to replace existing figures.
  • October/November: Prussian corps Command set and possibly a couple of the personality figures.
  • December: Saxon musketeers in March attack poses.

I’m sure some of you and now busy re-assessing you painting and collecting plans – I know I am. Until now I’ve been loosely working towards assembling units for Yorck’s corps – mainly the 8th brigade commanded by Hunerbein. But now that Peter’s going to do Saxons, I’m strongly considering switching attention to Bulow’s corps or Tauentzien’s corps. Peter’s already painting for von Krafft’s 6th brigade, so I’m wondering about something to complement that. It won’t actually mean much switching around for me luckily, given the slow rate at which I paint. For now, I’ll finish up my command set and spend time reading battle accounts to see which units were engaged against the Saxons.

6 Responses to “Calpe future plans officially unveiled”

  1. Giles said

    Thanks for the news. Exciting times indeed. I have yet to embark on any Nap Prussians, but having already dipped my toes into the 1815 campaign I will follow the plans for French artillery very keenly. I’ve always liked Saxons too….


  2. Bart said

    Mr. Fitzgerald’s news about the status of the French is dismaying to me personally, since I’m looking at starting a new French force, but I understand his rationale completely.


  3. Keir O'Flaherty said

    I am a little confused. Have new command sets been released for purchase this month or are the ones on the Calpe site the same ones I got for my birthday in 2006?


  4. Martin said


    Command sets PC1 to PC4 were already on the market (so I suppose those are the ones you received as birthday gifts). The new sets are PC5 to PC7.


  5. Peter H. said

    Good Lord, I trust Peter F. was not anywhere close to closing Calpe Miniatures! Too terrible to contemplate!! 8O) Though I can understand the conundrum. Maybe Peter F. needs to reappraise his prices. His figures are extremely good value compared to some. I’d rather pay a bit more than loose Calpe from the scene.

    Personally I am perfectly happy with Peters direction.

    I had planned to do Saxons by butchering the Calpe French and now I’ll get the real deal (good) but I suspect that many Saxon armies will be recruited (so much for any thoughts of exclusivity!). 8O) All up a good thing I think.

    I wonder if Peter F. will do The Garde du Corps for those that want an 1812 Saxon Army even though they do not take the field in 1813.

    And it would seem that my first French will be artillery at some stage, probably next year. I can wait.

    Peter H., aka von Peter himself

  6. Matt Matthews said

    I am certainly glad to here Peter is doing the Saxons. Now I can do Dennewitz! However, Peter’s suggestion that collectors can build up their French Army with Front Rank or Perry figures is only half-true. Front Rank ( I really like Front Rank) will fit well on the tabletop but not Perry (not a big fan of Perry figures). Peter e-mailed me when I first inquired about his outstanding miniatures and informed me that the Perry figures were not a good fit. Anyway, I still think the Calpe miniatures are the best on the market, and it will take me some time to paint the Prussians and Saxons. Hopefully by then the French will be out in force! I just received the new command set! Very nice indeed!

    Matt Matthews
    Ottawa, Kansas

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