Befreiungskriege 1813-14

Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

A few bits and bobs

Posted by Martin on May 10, 2007

Tonight I’ve released a few updates to the Calpe Web site:

So enjoy! I know how many people keep saying to Peter F. and I that we should try to get more pictures of the figures on to the site. We are trying to up the number, as you can see. I’ve got a couple more shots that I’ll try to add (maybe over the weekend).

Also, in passing, I was in a branch of W H Smith in Bristol during my lunchbreak earlier this week and was pleasantly surprised to see copies of the latest issue of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy AKA “the Spanish magazine” nestling on the shelves alongside the usual suspects. So well done to the guys for negotiating shelf space. Let’s hope that’s a sign of growing success for this excellent publication.


3 Responses to “A few bits and bobs”

  1. Peter H. said

    Excellent … but where’s the news snippet/information release on the direction Calpe is taking post the Prussians?! 8O)

    Peter H., who will expire from caffeine poison should he endure too many more cafe meetings discussing this very topic! 8O))

  2. Martin said

    Ah, Peter, patience brings its own reward. Tonight I received the “official wording” of the statement of what’s planned for the rest of 2007 from Calpe Towers.

    I’ve got to do a bit of HTML legwork tomorrow evening to put it on the Calpe site and then all will be revealed.

    BTW – Peter F. has forwarded a couple of your photos on to me and I’ll be adding them to the Calpe gallery page as soon as I get a moments.

  3. Peter H. said

    Oh drat … my impatience has been caught out. I’ll blame the caffiene! 8O)

    Looking forward to, and thankful for, any and all updates. 8O))

    von Peter, turning into a caffeine fiend and who doesn’t go anywhere HTML

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