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Calpe Web site update imminent

Posted by Martin on May 2, 2007

My in-box tonight contained details of the next couple of Prussian command sets to add the the Calpe Web site along with some photos of Peter F’s own recent painting activity. Here’s a shot of a command set he’s just finished:

Peter F’s command set

Coincidentally, it’s the same one that I’m working on. More to the point, my first reaction was to spot that I’ve made a uniform painting error on the ADC I’m working on at the moment. I’ve painted his collar and cap band red as if he were a staff officer when I should have gone for green. So some remedial work is called for there. Nice tree stump on the base too. I wonder how Peter did that. Knowing him, he probably sculpted it himself.

Still, I’ve got my own ornaments in mind for when I base up my set that should trump the stump.

The listings info to go with the photo also provides some details of other upcoming command figure sets. So I thought I’d whet your appetites now with some details before I actually make the official updates to the Calpe site:

  • Corps command staff set (this will be a pack of four figures representing the staff of the Corps commander).
  • Corps commanders (named single figures on their horses representing York, Bulow and Kleist)
  • Army command set (four figures representing the staff of the army commander).
  • Army commanders (two sets of two figures representing Blucher and his ADC and Gnieseneau and his ADC).

You can imagine how these sets will work: you’ll be able to choose a staff sets and then pick an individual character commander to go with it.


2 Responses to “Calpe Web site update imminent”

  1. Peter H. said

    Hi Martin

    Nice picture isn’t it.

    Yes I too got my ADC wrong. I gave him green collar (with the optional red trim) but red cap band .

    Other catches for me were:
    – the brown leather saddles (I plumped for blackened),
    – brown belts on some figures (again I went black on all mine),
    – the turnbacks on the feldjaeger which Peter has done green piped red but I did as solid red. I’m not so sure on this one,
    – finer colour detail on some of the badges, medals etc.

    All in all a nice piece and educational to boot. Such a bargain for one photo and one update! 8O)

    Looking forward to the web updates and perhaps an update on Calpe ‘s future plans

    von Peter

  2. Giles said

    That looks beautiful. I’m quite a fan of tree stumps myself (Reboubt make some nice ones), but I’m looking forward to what Martin cooks up!


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