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New Calpe command figures

Posted by Martin on April 26, 2007

At Salute, Peter F. handed me a nice plastic bag of some of new command figures that will make up the next release. There’s going to be a cavalry command set, an artillery command set and some feldjaegers (for use as ADCs).

Firstly, shots of the four figures that make up the cavalry command set. This set includes a nice hussar trumpeter wearing a pelisse:

Cavalry command #1

Cavalry command #2

Next, a shot of two figures from the artillery command set. I’m not sure if there will be a further two figures to complete this set or not. Either way, I think these are my favourites of the batch:

Artillery command

And lastly, a couple of feldjaeger figures. I can easily imagine these chaps galloping across the field of battle to deliver those vital dispatches while hotly pursued by enemy cavalry:


I’ve got a couple more special figures here by my desk as a I write but Peter’s asked me not to mention them here because they’re not ready for release yet.

9 Responses to “New Calpe command figures”

  1. Peter H. said

    Thanks for the pictures Martin (& Peter F.!)

    More compulsory purchases for me. I find that I approve of all the sets … which will be no surprise to anyone. Thankfully I’ve managed to paint one of the original command sets to make room for this lot. 8O)

    The cavalry command gives me an uncovered bicorn adorned with feathers which is great with all the waterproof covers the Prussian army uses. The hussar trumpeter ensures that no one confuses it with an infantry command set.

    I think that the artillery command set will be a two figure set … at least that was my understanding a while ago.

    The feldjaegers certainly look like they’re in a hurry with some, no doubt, important information.

    Is the first horse in the cavalry command set (carrying the pointing waterproof covered bicorne wearing chap) new? Though I have some of Peter’s standing horses they are all in the metal mountain waiting for some paint so I’m not familiar with them (and I’m at work typing this).

    von Peter

  2. Glen said

    That second Feldjaeger is just asking to be put into a diorama/display piece, you can just see the French lancer thrusting the lance at him in hot pursuit! Now if they are out soon, I can see something taking shape for the painting competition at Colours!

  3. Murray said

    Hi Martin
    Looking good. Did Peter sculpt these horses?

  4. Martin said

    Peter, Murray,

    I can’t answer your horse questions for definite but Peter F. sometimes reads here and he might chip in with definitive replies. However, here’s my vague recollection forwhat its worth:

    a). Yes, I think the chap in the bicorne’s hat is a new one.

    b). Peter F. did get somebody else to sculpt some horses for him. If I recall correctly the first batch turned our really well but subsequent ones weren’t so good. I think, on balance, that Peter did most of the standing and walking horses himself but that the galloping ones were done by somebody else to Peter’s specification.

  5. Cyril said

    Does anybody know exactly what’s in command sets #6 and #7. After suffering through the pretentious narratives on the web-site I found no relevant information; namely, two or four human figures and pricesd same as the other sets?

  6. Martin said

    Cyril: I think two figures in each set – the third and fourth photos in the posting above, if I’m right. My workng assumption is the price will be less than the four figure sets.

  7. Cyril said

    Thank you Martin, but I must say, he does not need Leo Tolstoy’s help to sell the best 25mm Napoleonic figures in the business: the superb quality of his range is already visible to the naked eye. Cheers.

  8. Svennn said

    Apologies for the intrusion, I don’t know if this will get picked up after so much time either?

    I am currently painting PC7 (having purchased them I can confirm that this and the artillery cmd are both two figure sets selling at £4.00 each) and I have a query with regards the satchels.

    Are they a true red colour or actually a reddish brown leather? Searching for references is hard and my only Napoleonic books are Funcken, I am a painter not a gamer, and the few pics I can find point to the latter. Peter F clearly states red in the uniform notes on the command set page of the Calpe website though.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  9. Martin said

    Svennn: as per my PM, I’m sure Peter means a red-brown leather colour. Vallejo actually do a colour called Red Leather that’s ideal for the job.

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