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Standing proud but on spindly legs

Posted by Martin on April 24, 2007

The Perrys have released a number of new cavalry packs to add to their Napoleonic French range including more line chasseurs a cheval and the first couple of packs of cuiraissiers. The latter were not available from Dave Thomas’ stand at Salute on Saturday but I did come away with a pack of the former. Namely pack FN57 – chasseurs a cheval on standing horses. Now the actual cavalry figures themselves are the same as in the already released pack FN41 but it was the standing horses that attracted me. I have a soft spot for standing horses, don’t ask me why.

Perry French chasseurs a cheval (pack FN57)

It was only later in the day when Peter F. and I were at coffee, looking through our acquisitions, that he pointed out to me just how spindly the legs are on Perry horses. Now, the picture above (from the Perrys’ site) is taken at a three-quarters view and you can’t see the spindliness at that angle. But if you’ve got some Perry horses at home, try this out:

Pick one up and look at it side-on and at the angle of this photo. Those legs look fine, don’t they?

Now look at the horse head-on from the front. Look how narrow those legs are now.

No criticism intended here, just observation. In many ways, it’s rather clever because it’s rare that we gamers and painters look at our figures head-on. I don’t know if this is just a stylistic thing with the Perrys or a conscious decision to save a little on metal costs. Either way, it took another professional sculpter to point it out to me.

3 Responses to “Standing proud but on spindly legs”

  1. Giles said

    That’s very interesting – I’ve never noticed and I’ve just finished painting 50 Perry Napoleonic cavalry! Something I have noticed is that Alan sometimes does one-piece sculpts (e.g. the Dutch-Belgian carabiniers and a couple of charging ADCs) and the horses for those are quite a lot bigger than his regular horses (i.e. those in the photo). Bit of scale creep perhaps, although still lovely sculpts.

  2. I’d never particularly noticed that. They’re certainly skinnier than Front Rank’s horses’ legs, which are the only other horses I have here on hand to compare with. But then FR’s sculpting style is entirely different from Perry’s anyway.

    Real horses do have very skinny legs. See here for some examples:

  3. Mike Siggins said

    What Roly said! Most miniature horses have legs that are far too thick.

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