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New Napoleonics from Foundry?

Posted by Martin on April 13, 2007

When the Perrys stopped sculpting for Foundry I pretty much assumed that would put an end to further development of that company’s Napoleonic ranges. And so it has. At least, until now it seems…

Foundry Portuguese

Kev Dallimore posted a picture of some newly painted Foundry Portuguese on Steve Dean’s forum yesterday and, like several other members of that group, I mentally raised an eyebrow and I thought to myself that:

a). I don’t recall there ever being any Foundry Portuguese Napoleonics.


b). Nah, these are probably conversions Kev has done from Foundry British or Prussian reserves.

But no, Kev has spilt the beans. The two figures in question are new ones sculpted for Foundry by one Michael Percy (no, definitely not Perry). So is this the start of a new Foundry range? Or will it be a fitful false dawn like we’ve seen with out incomplete Foundry ranges over the years?


7 Responses to “New Napoleonics from Foundry?”

  1. Phil said

    Wow, Foundry is still in business?

  2. Murray said

    I have to agree with the comment made of the SD forum – beautiful painting but the figures don’t do it for me.

  3. Giles said

    The painting is superb (as always) but the gnome-like proportions, particularly the chap on the left, are a problem. Sculpting has moved on from this style (cf Alan Perry’s 1815 French) and this looks very “retro”. Presumably Foundry want this sculpted to match their own Napoleonics, which are in the Perries’ earlier, more “gnomey” style, but I don’t recall those being quite like these new ones.


  4. Martin said

    Just heard that Foundry will be selling some of the new Portuguese Napoleonics at their stand at Salute on Saturday. Doh! I know, this only works for lucky people who are going there – sorry.

  5. Peter H. said

    “Doh” is right. I don’t think I’ll be making Salute this year! 8O(

    Then again, not too many Portugese in central Europe in 1813 so I probably don’t need too many of them. 8O)

    Then again again (!) there’s a fair few Prussians active in central Europe in 1813. And I collect 1813 Prussians. I wonder if some company might be releasing any new figures to their 28mm later Napoleonic Prussian range for (or round-a-bout the time of) Salute and, if so, what that release might comprise?

    Any thoughts?

    Peter H., with a rather pathetic and transparent attempt to weasel information that is being cruelly withheld


  6. Giles said

    I’ll check out the Portuguese at Salute tomorrow and report back if they really are as gnomish as they look in Kevin’s photo. That’s assuming I can bash my way through the crowd of punters desperately trying to blow their entire yearly gaming budget on a couple of packs of Foundry’s figures….!!! 🙂

    Actually, Martin you’re going too aren’t you?

  7. Martin said

    Yes, Giles, I’ll be there. I’m hoping to come and find you lot at your Waterloo game, have a chat and admire the figures.

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