Befreiungskriege 1813-14

Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

Soooo tired

Posted by Martin on April 7, 2007

It was a very long drive home from Paris and I’m still feeling the after-effects. I’ll post some photos and stuff later in the week. For now, I’m just pleased to be home to a decent cup of tea!

Looks like loads of people have been busy during the last week. French curraissiers in the On the Workbench section of the Perrys’ site; Davie Imrie seems to have been painting Brunswickers like their going out of fashion and there’s Issue 1 of a new online magazine from Dave of the Court Jester Studio (yep, another one of the talented painters who hangs out on Steve Dean’s forum).

I haven’t yet had time to download and read the new magazine properly yet but I have been thinking for a while now that there might be a place for a more elitist wargaming/figure painting magazine. Here in the UK, really serious railway modellers are well served by Model Railway Journal and in the last year or so my eye has been taken by issues of AFV Modeller in W H Smiths. Both magazines unashamedly focus on the very best practitioners in their respective hobbies with some stunningly realistic models and photography. I find both titles genuinely inspiring rather than intimidating. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the same in our hobby? Of course, speaking personally, I’d be more than happy if it only ever covered Napoleonics but I doubt in would survive long with such a narrow remit.


6 Responses to “Soooo tired”

  1. Phil said

    We’re jonesing for a calpe update, man.

  2. Martin said

    I don’t want to tease, Phil, but I do know some news. It’s just that I’ve promised Peter F. that I’ll keep quiet for now. Hang on for a week or so. See, now that’ll start you all off on a rumour mill, won’t it?

  3. Peter H. said

    Howdies Martin

    I’m glad to see that you made it back safe and sound from France … but … what’s with all this secret keeping?! What has happened to the comraderie of Befreiungskriege 1813-14?! Are we not all brothers in arms here sharing the daily dangers of Napoleonic gaming / painting / day dreaming etc. Surely there should be no secrets in such a close knit brotherhood?
    Perhaps it’s time to slug back a few whiskeys / brandys / whatevers and then stagger to the PC and spill the beans and then blame it all on the drink. I’m sure Peter F. would understand!! 8O)

  4. Giles said

    That will be the Hesse-Darmstadt range for the Peninsular War then. I’ve already heard a couple of rumours about that….

    Welcome back Martin. Hope you had a good trip.


  5. Martin said

    Giles, Peter,

    You’ve brightened my morning! Can anyone beat the obscurity of the Hesse-Darmstadt suggestion?

  6. Phil said

    If it’s a challenge, I’d like to see the Westphalian light battalion from 1813. I’d like to buy 36 figures, please…..

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