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Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

You wore blue…

Posted by Martin on March 27, 2007

…the Germans wore grey.

A phrase which always reminds me of Paris and if you’re a film buff, you’ll know why.

We’re off to Paris for a week long family holiday starting this Saturday so don’t expect any postings here until after Easter. Unless, of course, I find an obliging Internet cafe on the Left Bank that lets me upload photos from the digital camera.

I expect to have to do many of the usual tourist attractions but I will be sneaking off to Napoleonic locations when the rest of the family aren’t guarding me too closely. So a tour round Les Invalides is on the cards and there’s a very nice bookshop I’m hoping to track down at 19 Avenue de la Republique. If you’ve got any suggestions of other good places to visit, let me know.


9 Responses to “You wore blue…”

  1. Peter H. said

    Off on Saturday … so you only have a few days to bring us up to date on your projects then! 8O)

    Have a great holiday Martin.

    BTW, any updates out of Calpe Towers. I am loath to disrupt Peter F. directly as he has many calls on his time.

    Peter H., perhaps the worlds slowest painter

  2. Martin said

    Peter F. is currently away in Leipzig and Dresden doing research. He’s due back on Thursday and we’re planning to have a chat about some stuff during the brief gap when we’re both in the same country.

  3. Peter H. said

    Thanks Martin. Hmmm, Leipzig & Dresden. Researching Prussians / French / later Saxons (that would be music to my ears). The possibilities are mind boggling.

    Hopefully Peter F. will release an update during your chat.

    Come back soon from France! 8O)

    Peter H.

  4. Giles said

    Have a good trip Martin. I recall when I visited Les Invalides a few years back they had loads of excellent uniform books. I didn’t buy any as they were all in French, although I was sorely tempted by a book of paintings on the Franco-Prussian War (of which Les Invalides has loads).


  5. ken said


    Check out Les Invalides, the Napoleonic wing was being refurbished late last year.

    A&C is well worth a visit. Mike Siggins site has a few other places that are also worth a visit.

    I found a shop (can’t remember its name) next to the Louvre, near the cafes, that had painted figures, all scales & types, worth a look if in that area.


  6. Glen L said

    I was in Paris a couple of weeks back and visited Les Invalides, unfortunately the section that deals with the Napoleonic Wars is closed for renovation until 2008, I was not happy!!! The rest of the museum is still great but not quite the same without the Musee historique de l’Armee.

    By the way great site,

    Glen L

  7. G Waddell said

    Be aware! The Napoleonic section at the Musee de L’Armee at Les Invalides is closed for renovation until next year. I got caught out about a month ago.

    But I recommend the military bookshop ‘Livre Chez Vous’ at 25 Rue Bargue. Lots and lots of Napoleonic publications.

    Have a good time.

  8. François Blanzat said

    There’s a good game shop in Paris called FG miniatures in Rue Bleu. The closest métro station is Cadet (line 7).
    Next week there is a great model show close to Paris it is “le salon du modèle réduit” standing in the parc des expositions du Bourget (RER station le Bourget).

    Hope you’ll enjoy a good trip.

  9. Martin said

    Thank you all for your suggestions of interesting places, events and bookshops to visit. I don’t know how many I’ll manage to cram in.

    Thanks also for the heads up about the Napoleonic section of Les Invalides. That’s a disappointment but there’s nothing I can do about it. I expect I’ll probably still visit because there’s plenty of other interesting sections and, of course, the bookshop.

    I’ll aim to post photos and a report when I return.

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