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Bookin’ for Salute

Posted by Martin on March 13, 2007

Over a month to go until Salute and the boys on SD’s forum have cracked. Yep, the traditional “who’s going to Salute this year” thread has started. I daresay there’s one on TMP too. Mind you, I can hardly throw stones, given I’ve made my own contribution to that thread.

At about this stage in the countdown I normally aim to book my Apex train fare to Paddington but things have changed since the last time I did it (two years ago because of engineering work). Apex is dead and in its place First Great Western (or, as several people I know have cruelly christened it, Last Late Western) has introduce a new system of advanced booking for cheap fares called Firstminutefares.

I was worried that the lack of spaces in the name might be a bad omen but I needn’t have been. Once I’d located where on the FGW site I could actually purchase such tickets, the process was relatively painless. Of course, I’m tied to travelling up and back on specified train services but I can’t complain at the prices: under the new regime, it’s cheaper to purchase a single ticket in each direction rather than a return ticket. I think I’ve got in early enough because I’ve managed to pay £8 going up and £8 coming back. A grand total of £16 to travel from Chippenham to London and back on a Saturday. Not bad at all!

So I can spend the time between now and then trying to find out who else will be there and fretting over my inability to finish anything good enough to enter in the painting competition.

One Response to “Bookin’ for Salute”

  1. Peter H. said

    You lucky people. I trust you’ll keep us non attendees informed on the goings on.

    One day I’ll get to a UK show or two. If you play your cards right Martin I may even let you escort me around! 8O)

    Peter H., carefully placing a cloud over all future shows 8O))

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