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Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

Normal service resumed

Posted by Martin on March 1, 2007

It seems like I’ve said this a dozen times or more to one person or another since the start of the year but this time I finally feel confident…

Yes, I think the troubles I’ve had with the Calpe Web site are over at last. After some surgery to the code and site navigation, the site has been live and stable for a week now. So I think we can say that it’s back to business as usual.

The silver lining in the cloud of problems we’ve had is the sheer number of concerned and interested people who have been in contact with Peter F. and I to report that they can’t access the site. I’m taking this as a good sign of healthy interest in using the site. Why, there was even a thread on TMP about it!

Now that we’re out the other side of that particular little storm, you can expect us to start adding more to the site in the near future. Peter has e-mailed me this week to say that the artillery and cavalry command sets will be going into moulds this weekend. Also, Peter hopes to complete two Feldjaegers on galloping horses for release at the same time. This is in response to several customers asking if they can have ADC-type figures to gallop around their battlefields delivering orders.

3 Responses to “Normal service resumed”

  1. Peter H. said

    This is great news. I’ve been snooping in the Calpe web site sorting out a few bits and pieces for myself over the last few days. It’s great to have it back.

    On behalf of Calpe web site users world wide … thanks for all your efforts with this. It must have driven you crazy!

    Your devoted and obedient servant,
    Peter H.


  2. Theo Raykoske said


    The main website needs more frequent additions of pics of figs and bits of information – IMO.


  3. Mark Ogilvie said

    Hey, I’m just glad to see the site up and running.


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