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Calpe 2007 gossip

Posted by Martin on February 7, 2007

Both Peter F. and I have had a frazzled, illness-impaired start to the New Year but now it looks like Peter has decided what new sculpting he has in mind. So I thought I’d share some gossip straight from the horse’s mouth with you…

Peter has decided to finish the Prussians before continuing with the French. Working on both projects last year did not work for him. That’ll come as a disappointment to some of you but the consolation comes in the form of the plans Peter has for the Prussians. At present he is putting the finishing touches on the cavalry brigade command set and the artillery command set. They’ve taken longer than expected because Peter took the decision to scuplt four “interesting” new horses for them.

After that, the long rumoured resculpting of the dragoons will happen including attendant jaegers. Most excitingly, for me at least, Peter also plans to do a set of figures especially for the Pommeranian National Cavalry because they share the same pattern of shabrque as the dragoons.

Pommeranian National Cavalry

At my end, I think we’ve finally resolved the intermittent problems we’ve been having with the Calpe Web site (famous last words) although I’ve had to take the precaution of suspending Web-based sign-up to the mailing list. Peter painted some more units over his Christmas break, so I hope to add some more photos to the catalogue section of the site soon.

5 Responses to “Calpe 2007 gossip”

  1. Giles said

    Welcome back Martin. I very much enjoyed your last site and your marvellous painting.

    Best wishes


  2. Martin said

    Thanks for the kind words Giles. I hope to find a way to put many of the posts from BFK MkI in an archive on this blog. How are you getting on painting figures for the Salute Waterloo game?

  3. Giles said

    Slowly but surely. I am spending most of March in New Zealand which is why I’m in a bit of a rush at the moment. Pictures will emerge on my blog as and when units are completed. I am interested to see Peter’s artillery and cavalry command sets when they appear – ranges often overlook such figures.

    Best wishes


  4. Matt Matthews said

    Outstanding! Glad your back!

    Matt Matthews
    Ottawa, Kansas

  5. Murray said

    Fantastic! Pommeranian National Cav are what I need as well – Krafft’s Brigade. I did read somewhere that that never formally engaged, or did so only once (Digby Smith’s book). Do you know anything about their combat history?

    Dragoons will be welcomed to provide some backbone to Prussian Cavalry.



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